Jubilees celebration in Belgian South Province

For many reasons, the Beau-Vallon offers an ideal festive setting. So, for years, the jubilees of the Sisters of the South Province have been celebrated here. On May 11, we celebrated the jubilees in honour of Sr. Teresa of the Trinity, Sr. Maria-Felix and Sr. Benitia.

JPEG - 124.6 kb Thanks to two members of the pastoral team - Daniel, the organist, and Martine, the cantor - we entered the Eucharistic celebration as if in a branch of the Celestial Palace. One could not help but listen to the words of Father Jean Radermakers sj.’s homily and take one or two pearls from it. I remember, for example, this beautiful image: of each of us growing in the silence of our mother’s womb for nine months, so as to become, the synthesis of humanity’s long secular growth.
After the consecration, our inter-culturality was expressed, this was thanks to the rite of adoration accomplished by our Sisters from Asia and by the farandole initiated by our African Sisters, at the end of the Eucharist, to lead the assembly to the place where the aperitif was being served.

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After the delicious dinner worthy of the local Chief-chef, we took a moment to relax. But I can assure you that no one fell asleep! This was for a good reason... All those who were invited agreed to take an active part in a "tour of the Provinces", which engaged the healthy curiosity of each one. This was followed by joyful music played by an accordionist and his son.
Kim-Chi kicks off: she sings a Vietnamese song with a warm voice that captivated us.
Then it was the turn of Sr. Deepthika to explain one of the ways to welcome guests to their homes in Sri Lanka: they are presented with small portions of rice cooked in coconut milk and topped with dried fruit. She put her words into action, as she offers us the opportunity to discover its flavour before leaving Beau-Vallon. Del-icious!
Sr. Roshni gave us the opportunity to experience two rites in the Province of Ranchi: the pre-agreement of the bride and groom in the presence of their families, each of them successively presenting to the other a container filled with water, a sign of life. Our assembly was the witness group on this occasion.
This was followed by the rite of foot washing to welcome a host. But here, it was about washing hands...
Sr. Shama energetically takes us to Pakistan, or more precisely to the Indo-Pakistani border, at the time of the traditional daily rite of lowering the flag at the end of the day. We felt we were there!
Sr. Angélique and Sr. Cécile, dressed in raffia loincloths, sang a song of praise to us on an African dance step: a rhythm that made us dance sitting on our chairs.
Sr. Birgit proudly announced that the Dutch-speaking Province can boast of having a true professional pastry chef among its Sisters. To prove this, Sister had made us a big box of delicious cakes! Mmmm....
And finally, Sr. Muriel speaks on behalf of the Belgian South Province to tell us some tales with a real and tasty Brussels accent. And klett, Mariett!
But it wasn’t over! Suddenly our Sr. Germaine got up and invited us to sing together. However, the last word was really with Sr. Thérèse Renoirte who expressed what we all felt in our hearts: to each and all of us, THANK YOU! And see you next year! God willing.

Sr Anne-Marie Berckmans

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