Ranchi Province: First Profession - 18th May, 2019

Ranchi Province joyfully celebrated the first profession of eight senior novices: They were, Kerketta Renu, Gloria Baa, Cicilia Chutia Purty, Abha Tirkey, Neelanchal Reshma Beck, Manjula Toppo, Binita Kujur, and Julia Mundu.

The ceremony was held at the Sacred Heart school hall in Hulhundu. It started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 9.00 am; the main celebrant was His Grace Telesphore Bilung, the auxiliary bishop of Ranchi Arch diocese. Nine priests concelebrated the Holy Mass with the Bishop. The homily delivered by His Grace was very meaningful and inspiring as it was very much related to the theme and to the readings of the day.

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The novices pronounced their vows with confidence and zeal, in the presence of Sr. Mary Joseph and the large congregation present in the hall. The ceremony was moving in its prayerful dignity and sense of joy, enhanced by the choir of sisters, novices and postulants led by Srs. Sushma Ekka and Josephine Xaxa. The presence of parents, relatives, friends and SCJMs from nearby communities as well as several priests and religious of other Congregations also added to the joy of all and in particular to that of the newly professed Sisters. Following the Eucharistic celebration, the new brides of Christ were congratulated and felicitated by SCJMs, friends and family members. The celebrations which followed were simple but enormously joyful. There followed a fellowship meal which was enjoyed by all. Indeed the day was very special, not only for the newly professed, but for the whole Congregation and for the entire Church.

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From left to right - Front: Sr. Reshma Beck, Sr. Nilima Kerketta, Sr. Binita Kujur, Sr. Manjula Toppo
From left to right - Back: Sr. Abha Tirkey, Sr. Julia Mundu, Sr. Cicilia Chutia Purty, Sr. Renu Gloria Baa

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