Entry into the novitiate and first profession - Mali

This year, in June, two significant events took place in the Inter-African Novitiate, i.e. five young postulants, (two from Rwanda and three from the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC), entered the novitiate and seven young novices, (three from Rwanda and four from the DRC), made their first vows.


We, the first year novices, are very happy to share with you something about our entry into the inter-African novitiate in Mali.
We started with an 8-day retreat from 4 to 13 June 2019, on the theme “God’s call”. The retreat was guided by Father Gregoire Keita. He said that it is God who calls whomever he wants and when he wants. He has called us and invited us to joyfully follow His path. Our vocation is an experience of love, that is, loving God, spreading his love wherever the poor call us, and being loved.”

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From left to right : Julienne Tumone, Cécile Karamuka, Régine Ndaya, Francine Mukanyandwi, Marie Inès Mujinga

On the 7th day of the retreat, we had a night vigil, conducted by the senior novices, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. On 8th the last day of our retreat, we prayed the lauds at 6:30 am. After the prayer we were led to the refectory with singing and dancing where a delicious breakfast was awaiting us.

The long awaited hour had come, so, we proceeded to the chapel to encounter the Lord during the ceremony, which began at 10:00 am in our novitiate chapel. Father Emmanuel Dembele, Vicar General and parish priest of San, presided over the Eucharistic celebration, accompanied by 6 other priests who concelebrated the Eucharist. All the religious communities in the city of San were invited to the celebration.

In his homily the parish priest drew our attention to the clothing ceremony by saying: “As we have put on a new dress, in the same way, we should change our hearts and habits in order to start a new life. We should let ourselves be formed.”
After the Mass the fraternal meal was served in our refectory. After that, we enjoyed watching a Malian dance. We were happy to begin our novitiate formation with such a meaningful celebration.

In the afternoon, at 3 pm, we took a little rest and by 5 pm, we went to distribute the rest of the food to the prisoners.
After vespers and supper, the celebration continued until 10:00 pm. At the end of the day, we thanked all the Sisters for their prayer, accompaniment and support.

Mali, 13/06/2019
The canonical novices


On 23 June 2019, on the solemnity of the Blessed Sacrament, we had the joy of celebrating our first profession. We were seven: Pascaline Mukandambaje, Espérance Musua, Thérèse Ngalula, Béatrice Byukusenge, Monique Muisangie, Enatha Dusenge and Léocadie Twangizila to make the first profession.

Mass began at 9:00 am in front of the square of Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral of San, with the procession of all the Sisters of the Region of Mali. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Fr. Donat Dakouo, delegate of the bishop, Monsignor Jean-Gabriel Diarra who was unable to attend, and concelebrated by six priests.

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From left to right : Sr. Béatrice Byukusenge, Sr. Leocadie Twangizila, Sr. Espérance Muzwa, Sr. Pascaline Mukandayambaje, Sr. Monique Muisangie, Sr. Enatha Dusenge, Sr. Thérèse Ngalula

In his homily, the celebrant emphasized: “The solemnity of the Blessed Sacrament remains for you an unforgettable day throughout your life.” He invited us to be "Eucharist", that is, by the gift of ourselves to God, to clothe ourselves with humility and simplicity, following the example of Jesus Christ. After the homily, the ceremony of the profession began with a dialogue between Sister Cécile Ndaya, delegate of the Superior General, and the to be (newly) professed sisters, followed by the pronouncing of vows, handing over of the crosses and the constitutions of the Congregation.

It was a beautiful celebration. At the moment of entrusting us with our future mission, we sang the song of our consent and each one accepted graciously the new mission. Two of us, Sr. Thérèse Ngalula and Sr. Léocadie Twangizila, have been assigned to Mali. It was a joy for all those present.
We were anxious, at the same time full of joy. We are convinced that everything is grace and what is essential is to live for Jesus and to accomplish His mission with love and joy.

All the parishioners were invited to the novitiate for the fraternal meal. After the agape there was a time for everyone to exhibit their talents through dance and music. It was great! We thank God for the wonders He has already accomplished in our lives and we continue to rely on His grace to leads us on in the future in our new mission.

Mali, 23/06/2019
The newly professed

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