Having completed their canonical year, the 2nd year novices were assigned to SCJM communities for three months for community experience, and also to experience the charism of the Congregation expressed through our works of charity and other ministries.
On December 6th, 2018 they returned to the formation house to complete their initial formation program.

In June, Sr. Adolphine Lukadi, the novice mistress guided them in a Charism retreat for 10 days.

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From left to right :
Front : Sr Rosette Milolo, Sr Christine Lukadi, Sr Emérence Bikuba, Sr Adolphine Lukadi (novice mistress), Sr Bertine Nyamabu, Sr Marie Claire Tshituka, Sr Blandine Malungisa
Back : Sr Marie Tshituka, Sr Rosalie Dibele, Sr Huguette Lakuwa

On June 19th, Sister Angele Benabiabo, the Provincial Superior, met with the second novices individually.
June 23rd, many sisters went to Kimpese.
June 24th, 2019, during lauds following a hymn to invoke the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and in the presence of the Provincial Superior Sister Angele Benabiabo, 13 junior sisters renewed their vows,
The Eucharistic Celebration of the day began at 9:30 am, and was presided over by reverend Giraud Mpindi Mwanza, Vicar General of the Diocese of Matadi, accompanied by twenty priests. The parish youth choir directed by two junior SCJM’s added to this celebration to make it a faith filled and joyous occasion.

A clothing ceremony of 6 postulants was celebrated to mark their acceptance into the novitiate.
After the Gospel acclamation 9 senior novices were called forward and to the rhythm of a hymn they moved to occupy the places that were reserved for them. After the homily they pronounced their first vows as a sign of their commitment to the Lord through the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary way of life. Following the Eucharistic celebration, a special meal was served to the guests and everyone enjoyed the cheerful atmosphere.

In the evening, after adoration and vespers, supper was served in the Father Joseph Triest Square (see the large community) to the SCJMs, the families of the new Novices and the newly professed of the day and their guests who were to travel the next day.


Arrival of the novices

On June 17, 2019, we left Kimpese at 5:00 am to travel to Kinshasa where we arrived at 10:00 am. On our arrival were warmly welcomed by all the sisters of the community of O.L. of Grace in Gombe, and we shared a refreshing drink, at 3:00 pm we went to the agency to have our luggage weighed in preparation for our flight. We returned to the community around 6:00 pm, where we continued the celebration with Sr. Angela BENABIABO, the Provincial Superior.
The next morning, a solemn service was held for us by the Sisters. Afterwards we went to visit the Brothers of Charity and their Provincial Superior congratulated us and encouraged us.

At 10:00 am, we left for Ndjili International Airport to board the plane that was scheduled to take off at 3:00 pm for Lubumbashi.
We arrived at Luano airport at 7:10 pm; Sisters Victorine NTENGU and Gisèle KANAILA were waiting for us. They were delighted to see us after many years, and we were taken to the Provincial House. Where we were graciously welcomed and received with joy amid singing and dancing we processsed to the Chapel. Sr Marie-Céline BULUNGU, the Provincial Superior of Saint Vincent Province, led the prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord.

Following the prayer, we were invited to the living room for some refreshments. Then we went to the community of Our Lady of Hope and on our arrived there at 9:30 pm. we once again received a warm welcome from the older sisters.
The final stop was at the Juniorate House where we would stay for 11days Sisters Beatrice, Gaudiose and Marie-Claire welcomed us very warmly.

During our stay there we worked and prayed until the long anticipated day of profession dawned.
Two days prior to our profession we had two day of, non-guided recollection during which we had a celebration of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Profession celebration

On June 29, 2019, the very day of the profession, we led Morning Prayer (lauds) ourselves. After lunch, we prepared for the Eucharistic Celebration at the Parish of Our Lady of Peace, in Gecamines city.

Mass started at 10:00 am approx. The AMANI choir started the entrance hymn, the whole assembly sang joyfully while Monsignor Gédéon KAFUKU, the Vicar General and main celebrant of the day, accompanied by twelve priests, acolytes, and those of us who were about to make our profession as SCJMs, moved in procession towards the altar of the Lord.

Then came the moment when the Provincial Superior called each novice by name and each one answered: "Here I am".
The sisters to be professed moved to the altar while singing and each one made her commitment to remain faithful to God and to his Son Jesus Christ.

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The newly professed
From left to right : Sr. Cornelie KALUNGA, Sr. Solange-Clarisse MUEJA, Sr. Nelly KASHIKA, Sr. Suzanne KAD and Sr. Marie-Jeanne APENDEKI

During the homily, the Vicar General emphasised the importance of being faithful to the evangelical counsels and especially to the vow of obedience.
Following the ceremony of first profession, the ceremony of perpetual vows began. After a short meeting with the Vicar General, the two sisters who were about to make perpetual profession went to their parents to ask for their blessing. Once this was done, the two sisters returned to the altar where the Vicar General and the Mother Provincial awaited them for the continuation of the ceremony.

The perpetual and newly professed sisters were congratulated and welcomed into the Triest family. The Mass continued and one of the Sisters of the Province gave a vote of thanks before the final blessing, the Eucharist ended at 2:00 pm.
A celebration was held in the P.J. Triest room of the Tshondo High School in thanksgiving for the commitment and generosity of the perpetual and newly professed SCJMs. Alleluia! Alleluia!

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