28 May - The long-awaited arrival of Sr. Erna

JPEG - 2.5 Mb In the afternoon of May 28, 2019, at Kigali airport, we welcomed Sr. Erna De Wulf, after several months of waiting for her coming to help us in our developing "Mère Placide School Complex". This school was founded in January 2017 by Sr. Mary-Paul Vadassery, Director, in collaboration with Sr. Charitine Impuhwe, Prefect of Discipline and Sr. Thérèse Mukandoli who joined them in the 2nd trimester as Secretary Accountant. As Sr. Mary-Paul was appointed Vice-Provincial, it was no longer possible for her to continue as a school principal. She therefore asked Sr. Erna to come and replace her in this position. Sr. Erna first spent 2 weeks at the Vice-Provincialate in Nyamata to get more details about her new mission and to apply for a visa and identity card in Rwanda. In the meantime, she also made a return trip to Butare where she met the seamstress who made habits for her to wear in Rwanda.
JPEG - 2.1 MbOn the evening of Sunday, June 16, she arrived in habit in Ndera where her community welcomed her with great joy. In each community, there were happy reunions with the Sisters who had known her for a long time and joyful encounters with the younger Sisters and aspirants.

On Friday, July 21, Sr. Erna received a warm welcome at the school by teachers and students in sports uniforms. Sr. Mary-Paul introduced Sr. Erna as the new headmistress of the school, with Sr. Marie-Claire Uwamahoro as the new prefect of studies and discipline. This welcome continued on Monday, July 24, this time with the students in their daily uniforms.

23 June - The sending of 5 aspirants to Butare for their entry to postulancy

JPEG - 86.3 kbThe aspirants and Sisters were very happy about this event which brought hope to the Vice-Province.

27 June - The welcome of our young Sisters who have come back from Mali

JPEG - 188.6 kbThree postulants from Rwanda have just finished their novitiate in Mali where they celebrated their first profession on June 23rd. Full of joy and confidence in the future, they came back to the Vice-Province on June 27. Sr. Enatha went directly to see her parents, both are very sick with cancer. Srs. Beatrice and Pascaline stayed in Nyamata, at the Vice-Provincialate, waiting for another great celebration: the perpetual vows of two Sisters and a silver jubilee.

June 28 - Feast of the Sacred Heart

JPEG - 3 MbThe whole community has organized itself for the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. After that, a festive meal and a joyful recreation crowned the greatest celebration of our Congregation. Praise the Lord!

July 5 - The greatest joy in Ndera! The perpetual vows of Sisters Marie-Claire Uwamahoro and Gaudiose Icyimpaye and the jubilee of 25 years of religious life of Sr. Marie Mukayambire

JPEG - 885.4 kbThe whole community of Ndera was mobilized to prepare this great celebration. Two days before the feast, the Sisters from the most distant communities began to arrive. Among them was Sr. Marie Mukayambire, the jubilarian who is in the community of Bujumbura - Burundi. The Sisters of Nyamata and Butare arrived on the morning of July 5. It was the joy of the reunion!

On the same day we had a very beautiful morning liturgy and the festive Eucharist at 10:30 a.m., presided by our Bishop, and concelebrated by 27 priests. Several family members, religious men and women and a large number of parishioners came to celebrate this double event with us. After a Eucharist of almost 4 hours, the guests headed to our “Mère Placide School Complex" where everything was prepared for the festive meal. The new postulants performed a traditional dance that was appreciated by all. During the meal, congratulations were extended to the Jubilarian and the 2 new perpetually professed Sisters. Bishop blessed us all before he left. Around 5 pm, we separated in thanksgiving and joy.

JPEG - 876.6 kb

July 6 - First communion in the school

JPEG - 5.2 MbAfter the Sisters’ celebration, July 6 was the children’s celebration. Nine students, well prepared by our Sisters Therese and Charitine, were ready to receive their first communion. They were there very early with their families. At 10:00 am, the Eucharist was celebrated by the parish priest in the schoolyard. Over the past few months, a good number of 4th and 5th grade students have rehearsed the songs with Sr. Charitine to sing during this festive mass. And for a family the joy was double because during this ceremony the little brother of one of these children was baptized. Glory be to God! After a small snack offered to all, everyone continued the celebration with the family.

July 20 - Installation of the new superior of Ndera

After the departure of Sr. Mary-Paul, Superior of Ndera, appointed as Vice-Provincial, a long waiting period was crowned by the announcement of the name of the new Superior: Sr. Thérèse Mukandoli. Another great joy!

JPEG - 1.1 MbOn Saturday, July 20, Sr. Mary-Paul came to the community, and in a beautiful evening liturgy prepared by our Sr. Colette, Sr. Thérèse Mukandoli was installed as local Superior for a period of 3 years. The joy continued during the festive meal and recreation. Just before the meal, Sr. Mary-Paul further increased the joy of the Sisters by announcing the names of Sr. Thérèse’s councillors: Sr. Erna De Wulf and Sr. Colette Uwamahoro.

This is how we have lived here in Rwanda from joy to joy in recent months. May the Lord be praised!

Sr. Erna De Wulf

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