Echo from the Generalate - 11/03/2020

- On 27th February, the community welcomed members of a commission who were to have a meeting at the Generalate with the objective of finding ways and means of fostering unity and communion within the European provinces and region. As
participants of this commission (named Unity Commission), there were two members from each of the three units. Co-ordinated by Sr. Roshni Barla, this was their fourth meeting from its inception in November 2018.

- A stage performance of the Passion of Jesus was organised by a group of health workers and patients of Beau Vallon, Saint-Servais on 01 March. Some members of the community went to see this play. It was a very creative and meaningful performance, staged in the auditorium of the hospital which was packed to its capacity.

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- While we wait for the arrival of the two members of the International Community from Africa, the two others who are already here are now busy learning Flemish. The Community of Melle has happily welcomed them and Sr. Martine Krichel is spending some valuable time to initiate them into a new language. Inserted into a Flemish speaking community, they are having a wonderful chance to pick up the language. Both the teacher and the students seem to be very serious and hard-working while the Sisters of the community accompany them lovingly and warmly.

- On 7th March, the community had the joy of welcoming some of the Ursulines of Tildonk: the Superior General, Sr. Bimla Minj, and community. They spent a few hours with us and their presence was a source of much life and joy. A meal together and a walk in the gardens added much vigour to the visit.

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