SCJM News update on Covid-19 / Belgium / 22.03.2020

The coronavirus is making its mark on an increasing number of people here in Belgium. As of today, there are 3401 confirmed cases and 75 deaths in the country.

With us the SCJMs, all of us are quarantined and all group activities banned, including liturgical celebrations. Any outing is limited to essential needs. Food markets admit one at a time only and purchasing is controlled to avoid panic-buying.

Despite all possible precautions, there are two of our elderly Sisters confirmed of the infection, one of whom is hospitalised and the second one, remaining in the Home, is given out to be improving. There is also one suspected case, under treatment.

Among the health care attendants in the Homes of our elderly sisters, we have three confirmed cases and two suspected cases.

It is the hope and prayer of every one of us that we see better days sooner than later!

On a different note, Sr. Sushila and Sr. Noreen, our two INC members, who are now in the community of Melle for language study appear to have integrated themselves well and feel happy and at home there. The community too is happy to have them. During these critical times, when everyone is required to remain in her respective room, when there are both confirmed and suspected cases among the Sisters, they have opted to remain with the Sisters to help them out in whatever way possible, even though the language is a barrier. This is SCJM spirit and really laudable!

In general, it is quiet and calm everywhere: the roads are clear and markets are empty; no sound of the airplanes or speeding vehicles; the hustle and bustle of the city is gone… But the skies are blue and clear, winter is giving way to spring, and the nature is beginning to put out its annual show!

And life continues under the loving gaze of the Almighty! We remain united in prayer with and for our sisters and brothers the world over, suffering and in pain!

Sr. Lucy Jacob

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