24 June 2020

24 June remains etched in the heart of every one of us!

At the point of his departure for his heavenly home, Father Triest’s last message to us was:
“Give and it will be given to you!”

His own life was nothing but an enduring gesture of GIVING as is evident in these words of his:
“I owe you my waking hours, all possible efforts, my rest … every hour of the day or night, and even when the roads are long, difficult and muddy …
I am happy when I, in imitation of Jesus, my Master,
may sacrifice my rest, my health, and even my life for you.”

If Father Triest were to walk and work in our present context of the global pandemic,
what would have been his response?

As we celebrate 24 June 2020, let us keep in mind that
God loves a “cheerful giver”!

Sr. Lucy Jacob
Generalate, Brussels
24 June 2020

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