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  • From 1st to 15th December 2020, Sr. Lucy Jacob made virtual canonical visitation to the Province of Pakistan, via Internet. In general, this first experience in the Congregation was positive. At present, the Province has 53 Sisters, including one Sister in Belgium and another in Philippines (International Asian Novitiate).
  • The Advent period was a time during which the Community prayed especially for the victims of pandemic, the poor and all those left behind. JPEG - 267.1 kb

Unlike other years, the Community did not organise the celebration of "Christmas Friends". This was to be in communion with the world that is suffering from the pandemic situation. With this intention, the Community had set aside some money, which was planned for this organisation, in order to share it with the poor in the parish of Saint-Gilles and a poor family living in Melle.

  • As the Belgian Government has not yet lifted up the measures of restrictions on Eucharistic celebrations, the parish priest of Saint-Gilles, Father Michel Christiaens, came to celebrate the Christmas Eucharist in the Community. It was in simplicity, fraternity and joy that the Community celebrated the birth of Emmanuel, God with us.
  • The day of 31st December 2020 was dedicated to prayer in thanksgiving for the blessings received from God during the year 2020.

On the same date, Sr. Sylvia Chabala was taken to the emergency services at St. Peter’s Hospital for appropriate care. She underwent surgery. Everything went well. After her discharge from the hospital, she was taken to "Maria-ten-Doorn" Community in Eeklo to have a few days of rest there. The Generalate Community thanks all the Sisters who carried her in prayer during her illness. Thanks to Sr. Birgit Goslain for welcoming Sr. Sylvia to the Dutch speaking Province during her time of recuperation.

The New Year was also celebrated in simplicity and fraternity. An opening Mass for the year was celebrated in the Community.

  • On 06/01/2021, very early in the morning, around 4 o’clock, the Community was visited by thieves who entered the house through the refectory window, from the side where there was no alarm sensor. They took away the projector in the office of Mrs. Hilde Baccarne, the assistant of the General Secretary, and a travelling bag from Sr. Martine Krichel’s room. They were probably looking for the money but did not find it. The police then came to make a statement of offence. This led the Community to place an alarm sensor in the room from where the thieves entered.
  • For the very first time, the General Government organised virtually, via Internet, the consultation process, the nomination and installation of the new provincial team for the Province of Pakistan, from 2/01/2021 to 15/01/2021. Sr. Deepthika Silva and Sr. Roshni Barla were delegated by the Superior General to animate the new provincial team and to give it the orientations to be followed for the next 4 years.

Our sincere congratulations to the new team: Sr. Victoria Rehmat (PS), Sr. Genevieve Ram Lal, Sr. Samina Anwar, Sr. Clara Sharif, and Sr. Maria Shaukat (PC)!

  • From 08 to 25/01/2021, after the nominations in Pakistan, Sr. Lucy Jacob continued her mission in Vietnam with the virtual canonical visit. There are currently 20 professed sisters in the Region of Vietnam, including two junior sisters who are in the Philippines and Sr. Kim-Chi Duong who is in the Generalate, 2 novices and 6 postulants. 
  • Coronavirus News

The media are already talking about a new variant of the virus that has appeared in different countries. The Belgian government has taken some measures for security and to prevent the transmission of the virus. Among other things, there is curfew from 9 pm to 6 am. New cases of infection are still increasing, but there are fewer deaths. Apart from observing the barrier measures, the restrictions for the various celebrations have not yet been lifted. For Sunday Eucharist, only a maximum of 15 people can attend mass.

  • As you know, the Generalate Community is composed of six nationalities: Belgian, Indian, Congolese, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese and Zambian. As is customary in the Community, on the occasion of the national day of these countries, the Community celebrates in communion with the country that is being honoured.

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On 26/01/2021, the Community celebrated the Republic Day of India. It was on the first "Republic Day", 26/01/1950, that the "Constitutions of India" were enforced. India became a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic and ensures justice, freedom, equality and fraternity to all its citizens. Also known as Gantantra Diwas, this day is celebrated with festivities such as the famous Republic Parade of Delhi in Rajpath, which honours India’s military forces and displays its rich cultural heritage.

The day began with a beautiful liturgical celebration for this purpose. A simple meal was prepared according to Indian culture.

The day ended with an evening recreation during which the Community watched the parade that had taken place on this occasion in Delhi.

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