Echo - March 2021

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  • On 4th February the community of the Generalate celebrated the 73rd independence day of Sri Lanka. The country of Sri Lanka became independent on PNG - 485.4 kb 4th February 1948 from the British rule. In the morning we had a very meaningful prayer, especially for the people and government of Sri Lanka. In the evening, Sr. Deepthika presented the history and culture of Sri Lanka through a power point presentation. It was interesting as well as informative.
  • As you know that coronavirus has restricted travelling we have to find alternate ways of remaining connected with each other and to continue our mission. Sr. Lucy has been busy with canonical visit to the provinces/regions online. During February – March she was with our Sisters in Sri Lanka. For many of our sisters it is a new experience but gradually they are getting used to it and feel happy to learn the use of technology.
  • The 2nd of February, as you know, is dedicated to Consecrated Life in the Church. This day was celebrated in the community in simplicity and joy. We were privileged to have the Eucharistic celebration in the community, presided by our parish priest. We entered the chapel in procession with lighted candle as a sign of witness and entrusted all the consecrated persons, especially the SCJMs, to God.
  • Ms Hilde Baccarne from the secretariat retired from her work on February 25th PNG - 1.6 Mb2021. She has served in the Secretariat of the Generalate for the last 15 years. There was a simple farewell program for her from the community on 24th evening. Sr. Lucy & Sr. Kim Chi thanked her with words of appreciation and gratitude for her service. We spent some time together with Hilde over a cup of coffee. The Congregation is grateful for her selfless service in the secretariat.
  • After a long period of time, Srs. Sushila Toppo and Noreen Fazal could come over and spend some time with us. Their presence on the day of Sr. Rosily’s birthday added to our joy. While here they also helped with some of the secretarial tasks with Sr. Kim Chi. Both of them had a unique experience of travelling by train for the first time from Ghent to Brussels. They are finding their way in Belgium.
  • Sr. Yvonne Ngomba Lukusa from Rwanda and Sr. Teresa Xuan from Our Lady of Lavang, Vietnam are following a Formators’ program from Rome, online. They started their program in February 2021. At present Sr. Yvonne is in Nyamata, the vice-provincial house and Sr. Xuan is in Placide House, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Sisters Fatima Peiris from IAN, Sr. Pratima Kujur from Delhi province, Sr. Noreen Peter and Sr. Rufina Fayaz from Pakistan and Suman Toppo from Vietnam are also benefitting from various online formation programs offered by the Emmaus Center, Philippines.
  • Sr. Suzy Spaenhoven from the region of Mali has arrived in Belgium on 21st March for her holidays. We wish her a happy and enjoyable stay in Belgium.
  • Like many other countries, Belgium is also facing a surge in coronavirus cases. We are now faced with a third wave. As a result, more restrictions are enforced in the country.
  • One by one, we in the Generalate have begun getting vaccinated. Once the invitation is received, we are required to take an on-line appointment in one of the many centres of vaccination here in Brussels.
  • Despite all the restrictions, we are privileged to have Holy Week services in our own chapel. Our parish priest, a real shepherd of his flock, is with us five times a week for the Eucharistic celebration. Two other priests fill in the remaining days.

Even though we are forced to celebrate another Easter under lockdown conditions, the spirit of Easter transcends all restrictions.

So, we wish you all the blessings of this great event: LOVE, PEACE, JOY!

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