Coronavirus in India

Avril 2021


26 April 2021

Dear Sisters,

Several of you have been inquiring about the situation in India with assurances of your prayerful support for the country and for our Sisters in the provinces of Ranchi and Delhi in particular. Thank you very much for your interest and concern.

I do not have to go into the statistics of the pandemic situation in the country. The media is full of it and you are well informed, I am sure.

Going by the news coming from both the provinces, our Sisters are living through a very difficult time, as we can well understand. The sudden departure of Sr. Crescentia Xalxo and Sr. Lidwin Mary Rodrigues in quick succession had been rude shock for all of them. In both the provinces, there is a deep sense of pain and sorrow over losing them to the virus. Although several sisters in different communities are tested positive, their symptoms are reported to be mild and they are in the process of recovering.

Our Sisters in Mercy Hospital in Jamshedpur are living with the daily reality of the mounting cases of Covid-19 as they are not able to accommodate the patients who come to the hospital for treatment.

The worsening situation in the country is both fearful and alarming for everyone: rapid rise in the number of infections, hospitalisations and deaths, insufficient facilities for treating the sick, over-worked and exhausted health care workers, a right- wing government that is preoccupied with an agenda of its own… The woes are many!

I need not say that all this is very disturbing for all of us. The Lord alone knows why things happen in the way they do. We remain united to Him and to one another during this time of crisis and pray for strength and courage to remain faith-filled and hope-filled.


Sr. Lucy Jacob

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