Situation of COVID-19 in India and Pakistan

Present Situation in Pakistan of COVID-19 / 06 May 2021

We are waiting for the day when there will be shouts of joy and victory everywhere, when we can begin to live a normal life, a life free of fear and anxiety; when we will say to each other: “Do not be afraid; everything is fine”. It is no more “rejoice and be glad”. May it happen and happen soon! This is a wish and a prayer before the Lord of mercy and compassion.

At present the situation is so scary and depressing. The third wave of the virus is much more contagious, infectious and life-threatening. There are no more signs and symptoms that we had been hearing about. So one does not know who the carrier is and therefore people are not serious and careful about it. Last year when it started people were fearful so they took care of themselves and thus Pakistan did not suffer so much compared to some other countries. Unfortunately, when the virus is much stronger than before, people are less careful and prudent. Looking at the irresponsible attitude and behavior of the people, the government of Pakistan has become more active and strict about it. It is trying its level best to keep the people on the track with measures such as the following:

- All shops are closed at 6:00 pm, where as in the past certain shopping centers were open till late at night.

- Every Saturday and Sunday all the markets are completely closed.

- The transport is allowed with 50% of passengers only.

- The parks and public places are closed.

- Vaccine is available for all above 40 years of age. People have not to go very far to get it. Now we hear that the government schools will be turned into vaccination centers so people have not to wait in long queues for their turn. 

- Now as Eid, the Muslim festival, is approaching so there will be complete lockdown from 8th – 16th May.

- The army is also involved to keep a check. The people violating the regulations have to pay a heavy fine.

All our communities are having special adoration. Some sisters have their personal devotional prayers also. May the Lord listen to our humble cry and clear our planet from this deadly virus!

Sent by Sr. Victoria Rehmat

An update on Situation of Covid-19, India / 05 May 2021

We are going through the worst ever global crisis in our life time. The first phase of Covid-19 was bad enough but this second phase has become simply uncontrollable and the death rate is rising hour by hour. Everywhere we see the gloom of death hanging in the air. Two of our sisters have been snatched away from us so mercilessly. Our hearts are not yet healed and we are still mourning. Every day we get news from our communities that one or the other is infected by this dreadful virus; as also in other congregations, parishes and villages. There are villages where the entire population is affected by the virus. We also hear of the deaths in our own neighborhood and of the parents and relatives of our students and staff, people whom we have known. Few of our sisters have lost their dear ones. Many priests and religious, whom we have known, succumbed to this dreadful disease. Every day we wake up with the news of death. We are all anxious about our family members, especially in the villages, but we entrust them in the Mighty Hand of God. There sisters still in the hospital being treated; others are quarantined in their communities and treated under the guidance of doctors. Some of these communities are in the villages where many are infected. Sisters keep instructing people telephonically on how to care for their family members and neighbors when they are infected. It is unfortunate that many of the villagers do not have access to proper medication and treatment.

Our sisters involved in health care services are there, caring for the victims day and night, at the risk of their own lives. We are worried about them and pray much for them, and at the same time we feel proud of them and surrender them in the merciful hand of God. Although many states are under partial lock down, the superiors of bigger communities take risk and go out to procure things for the needs of the sisters. They also help neighboring communities with provisions. 

This explosion of the virus of death around us has left us feeling powerless in the face of its violent attack. There is shortage of ICU beds, Oxygen supply, and availability of doctors. It is a heart rending scene to see the lines of ambulances and stretchers carrying the patients, standing in queues, outside hospitals, pleading and crying for help. Testing for Covid has broken down due to shortage of necessary means and testing agencies are refusing to take samples as they do not have the means to test them.

In this agonizing situation God alone is the help we can count on. We believe that He is there and He will help us to ride through this terrible storm. All will be well in his own time and in his own way. All our communities are concerned about the whole province, the congregation and the world and have chain adoration the whole day and find our strength and support in him who said, “Do not be afraid, trust in me”.

Sent by Sr. Tessy Edayal 

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