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Flood in Gurgaon, India

Three days of non-stop rain plunged the novitiate building in Gurgaon (Delhi province) into deep waters. The water level rose up from the basement to the ground floor, forcing Sisters, Novices and Postulants to the first floor. Fortunately, the water level started to recede from the second day, much to the relief of all of us. To restore the house to a liveable condition is a herculean task.


Entry to the Novitiate

28th July was a joyful occasion when four postulants started their novitiate in Ranchi province. They are Anjuliya Pradhan, Alice Kerketta, Anupa Kujur and Beronica Bada. We wish them every blessing in their journey of formation. May they grow in the virtues of the Gospel and in the charism of the congregation!

Beronica Bada, Alice Kerketta, Anupa Kullu, Anjuliya Pradhan


EGC 2021

As the opening of the EGC/21 is at our door, the General team is busy with the final phase of its preparatory work. Since virtual meetings are quite new for all of us, the EGC participants are following test sessions, facilitated by Sr. Kim Chi. Today’s session was kind of an ice breaker and most of the participants seem to have conquered their initial fears and anxieties! Those bigger challenges of the virtual world are waiting to be conquered!


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Professions in Rwanda

Final Professions in India

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