Communication to the Congregation: EGC 2021 / N°1


As you already know, this important online event of the Congregation started beforehand on 31/07/2021 with a test session to get used to the new technology.

On the first day, after the introduction of all the participants, the facilitators reminded us of the purpose of the EGC, which is to promote communion within the Congregation, and of the essential points of EGC/19, namely knowing each other, the Congregation and the local Church, and listening to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor (LS 49).

After this reminder, we reflected on two questions:

- What are your concerns as we start EGC/21?

- What are you feeling inside yourself at this moment?

What emerges from the questions discussed in the small groups is the concern to take responsibility during this time of pandemic as well as the concern to use the new technology in an appropriate way.

As for feelings, we are all happy, motivated and willing to live this new virtual experience. Yet, the worry about the technology is still holding us back. However, we hope to dispel it.

Sr. Lucy Jacob addressed warm words of welcome to everyone and introduced the facilitators, Fr. Emili Turú and Ms. Frances Heery, the secretaries and translators. This was followed by a time of prayer and reflection on the icon of Mercy (cf. Fratelli Tutti, 70).

The second session focused on the objectives and planning of the GCE/21 and contemplative leadership. These two themes were discussed in groups: the secretary of each group presented her report to the plenary assembly.

On the second day, the session started with a sharing of some dreams and thoughts related to the previous day. This was followed by the announcement of the theme.

An intense prayer from the icon of Mercy introduced us to the theme and challenged us with a fundamental question: Who is my neighbour?

Afterwards, Bro. Emili projected several pictures, allowing us to deepen our contemplation of the icon of Mercy in our own context and in the global context.

Then Ms Frances Heery explained the acronym VUCA: V, Volatile; U, Uncertainty; C, Complexity; A, Ambiguity.

This acronym describes the world we live in today: a changing, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

During the afternoon, the groups met in two stages, by continent. Each secretary wrote the group’s answers on their padlet (a note on an online virtual board where one can write and share thoughts, ideas, reflections) and read them out to the plenary. Ms. Frances Heery made some comments after each group’s sharing.

Dear Sisters, as we journey together through this important event of our Congregation, we will be happy to gradually share with you the progress of our daily activities. We continue to count on your prayers.

May the Spirit of the Lord continue to guide us in our reflection and discernment during this EGC/21.


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