Communication to the Congregation: EGC 2021 / N° 04


We are happy to inform you about the further development of our EGC. After a break, we continued our journey with Phase II.

On 12th August, Sr. Lucy Jacob welcomed all the participants back and told them that Phase II would focus on information from the General Government’s perspective, to see where there has been progress, where there is a need to improve, and to respond to the desire to move forward.

She then introduced to the participants the new simultaneous translators: Sr. Martine Krichel and Mr. Pierre Hernalsteen.

The day started with the opening prayer. After that, Sr. Lucy invited the participants to reflect on how the transmission of the EGC would be done in the Provinces, Vice-Province and Regions. She asked each unit to propose a programme for the transmission, taking into account the following elements: content, methodology and time. This transmission should take place within the next two months. After the group work, we shared our reflections in the plenary session. It was a mutual enrichment for us.

The second session was based on financial management in the Congregation, presented by Sr. Rosily Mathew. She began her presentation with a quote on the "social role of property" (Fratelli Tutti 118-119). She shared her personal experience and observations in this function. She also showed the impact of Covid-19 on the financial situation of the Congregation. 

August 13: The day was dedicated to sharing on the Congregational retreat, with the theme "Living our vows in the three dimensions of our Charism", and on the concern for our Common Home.

Some Provinces were able to make this retreat. In other Provinces, not all the Sisters have made it, because of the pandemic situation. All the participants appreciated this initiative taken by the General Government. The impact of this retreat in the Provinces are: the deepening of our Charism, transformation at personal and community level, understanding and living of our vows in the light of our Charism.

The sharing on the celebration of the Season of Creation and Laudato Sí week showed that it was a beneficial time for all, thanks to the different experiences lived by each one. All the Sisters made every effort to live the calls of Laudato Sí, and they committed themselves to protecting our Common Home, wishing to continue to have this experience of Laudato Sí.

At the end of the sharing, Sr. Lucy proposed to the participants the theme for the 2022 Congregational Retreat: "Ecological Conversion". All the participants appreciated the proposal.

August 14: During the opening prayer, we were in communion with our sisters in Pakistan and the Pakistani people who were celebrating the 73rd anniversary of their independence. We also prayed for our two young Sisters Anna Thanh and Maria Tram from Vietnam who took their first vows in the Philippines.

Afterwards, various topics were discussed:

- Project of the book on the history of the Congregation

- SCJM literature (published documents about SCJM)

- Evaluation of “Integrated Life Style”

- Means of communication: Websites

- International Community

The texts of the presentations were then sent to the participants online. They were given time to read and study them personally. A sharing of reflections, comments and clarifications followed in the afternoon. The participants appreciated the work done by the General Government.

The day of 15th August began with the opening prayer prepared in honour of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and for the intentions of the 73rd anniversary of India’s independence. After the prayer, we followed the presentations of the day.

These were the heritage property of the SCJM, and the Constitutions and Statutes (modifications and structural changes). The texts of the presentation were then sent to the participants for personal reading and study. A sharing of reflections, comments and clarifications followed in the afternoon.

Sr. Lucy gave a concluding address and Sr. Roshni expressed a vote of thanks. Finally, we concluded the EGC with a prayer of thanksgiving which ended with the Magnificat.

The General Government would like to thank all the SCJMs for accompanying the participants by their prayer during this EGC 2021.


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