First profession: India

June 2022

11th June 2022 was a joyful day for the two Provinces in India as five novices pronounced their first vows in Hulhundu: two of Delhi Province and three of Ranchi Province. They had their Novitiate formation in Ashadeep, Hulhundu (Ranchi).

The newly professed are – Srs. Susana Cherowa, Mary Goreti Xalxo, Jyoti Hemrom, Salu Tirkey and Sumitra Laguri.

The Holy Eucharist was presided by Rev. Felix Toppo, Archbishop of Ranchi archdiocese at Our Lady of Fatima Church, Hulhundu. Sr. Lucy Emmanuel, the provincial superior of Delhi Province, was there to receive the vows of two novices. At the reception after the Mass, many sisters of the Ranchi Province and the family members of the newly professed sisters were present.

We wish our heartfelt congratulations to the newly professed sisters! Our best wishes and prayers are with you as you begin your life in the SCJM family.

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From left to right : Srs. Salu Tirkey, Mary Goreti Xalxo, Jyoti Hemrom, Susana Cherowa and Sumitra Laguri

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