Dutch-speaking Region - Installation of the new regional team

20 June 2022

As you know, the Dutch-speaking Province has been in a process of restructuration for some time. On 20/06/2022, it was effectively restructured into a Region under the General Government of the SCJM.

The installation of the new regional team took place on the same day in the chapel of the Mother House, Ghent at 2pm.

The ceremony started with a procession : Sister Lucy Jacob, Superior General, carried incense, and the members of the regional team carried the Constitutions and Statutes of the SCJM, the encyclicals Fratelli Tutti, Laudato Si’ and the synodal document. These symbols were placed at the altar which was well decorated.

More than sixty Sisters, as well as lay collaborators, were present at this beautiful ceremony.

After the welcome by Sr. Dominiek Vanvoorden and the meditation of the Word of God, Sr. Lucy Jacob read the official letter of appointment of the new team which is composed of

1. Sr Birgit Goslain, Regional Superior

2. Sr Annie Duytschaever, Council Member

3. Sr Anne-Marie Castelein, Council Member

4. Sr Sushila Toppo, Council Member

Their mandate is for four years, with effect from 20/06/2022 to 19/06/2026.


From left to right: Sr. Annie Duytschaever, Sr. Birgit Goslain (Regional Superior), Sr. Anne-Marie Castelein and Sr. Sushila Toppo

After the reading of the letter of appointment, each member of the new team freely gave their response to commit themselves to the service of the Region and to work together hand in hand for the good of the Region. This was symbolised by the gesture of burning incense, each in turn, at the altar.

After the installation ceremony, the assembly moved to the corridor for the reception, followed by a fraternal meal in the Sisters’ refectory.

We wish them to be good leaders according to the heart of Jesus and assure them of our humble prayers.

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