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International Novitiate of Africa/Mali (NIA)

23/06/2022 - Clothing ceremony of nine postulants

This year 2022, the International Novitiate of Africa (NIA), Mali has welcomed nine postulants, five from the Vice-Province of Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda, three from the Province of St. Vincent de Paul, Congo and one from the Region of Mali, who began their Novitiate on 23rd June. They are: Joséphine Mbuyi, Edith Dakouo, Mélanie Mbuyi, Bernadette Kabongo, Mary, Cloriose, Soline, Diane and Solange. They spent a time of prayer with the Lord before receiving the habit. This ceremony of clothing took place during the Eucharistic celebration in the Novitiate chapel. After the main celebrant’s homily, the postulants went out of the chapel to put on the religious habit (blouse, loincloth and head scarf), which marks the entry into religious life, and returned to the chapel with singing hymns and dance.
We wish them a fruitful period of formation in the Novitiate.



Province of Saint Bernard

24/06/2022 - First profession of two novices in Kimpese

Sister Angèle Benabiabo, Provincial Superior, went to the Novitiate, Kimpese to meet the two second year novices before their first profession. On 23 June, many Sisters from different communities arrived Kimpese for the profession ceremony.

On 24/06/2022, the Eucharistic celebration took place in the chapel, presided over by the Reverend Théophile Luwengo, Dean Parish Priest of Kimpese and Delegate of His Excellency Mgr André Giraud Pindi, Bishop appointed for the diocese of Matadi, assisted by some priests.

In his homily, Father Luwengo insisted on the fact that: "the religious vocation is a gift from God, who calls whomever He wills, whenever He wills and how He wills. God trusts us and entrusts with His mission despite our smallness.
Let us abandon ourselves to Him so that He may fashion us in His image and make us servants according to His Heart. Let us not say that we are still children, but let us let Him take control of our lives".

The singing was led by the parish youth choir and some junior members of the SCJM in the community.

First the ceremony of the taking of the habit by seven postulants took place and then that of the first profession of two novices after the proclamation of the Gospel and the homily.

After this Eucharistic celebration, a festive meal was presented to the guests, and everything ended in a joyful atmosphere.

From left to right : Sr. Agnès Mukendi, Sr. Angèle Benabiabo (Provinciale Superior ) and Sr. Brigitte Kalolo


Vice-Province of Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda

The celebrations of 24/06/2022

On 24th June 2022, the Vice-Province of Our Lady of Kibeho had the joy of celebrating several feasts: The feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the 186th commemoration of the death of our dear Founder Peter-Joseph Triest, the profession of perpetual vows of our Sister Charitine Impuhwe, the renewal of vows of our Sisters Marie Uwambajimana, Félicité Dusengimana, Pascaline Mukandayambaje, Béatrice Byukusenge and Enatha Dusenge, the receiving the religious habit of our five postulants and finally the welcome of four young girls who came to join us to begin their first year of postulancy.

For all these events, we give thanks to God. And we say a big thank you in the name of the whole Congregation and the Vice-Province of Our Lady of Kibeho for this precious gift of postulants who evoke for us the first four disciples of Jesus. They come from two countries where our Vice-Province is present: Consolate Niyirangira and Estella Nduwayezu from Burundi, Drocella Uwamariya and Marie-Rose Uwamahoro from Rwanda. During their meditation in preparation for the opening ceremony of the postulancy, they freely chose the names of the first four disciples. Thus, from now on, we have in the group: Simon Drocella, André Consolate, Jacques Estella and Jean Marie-Rose. Let us carry them in our humble prayers so that their patron saints may help them to abandon their nets full of fish and to joyfully and freely follow Jesus, who wants to teach them to become fishers of people. May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Kibeho, accompany them! (Sr. Yvonne Ngomba Lukusa)

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Region of Mali

26/06/2022 - First profession of three novices in San

The Region of Mali witnessed a joyful event on 26/06/2022 - the first profession of three novices, two of whom come from the Province of Saint Bernard and one from the Province of Saint Vincent de Paul, Congo.

The Holy Mass of profession was celebrated by His Excellency Monsignor Hassan Florent Koné, Bishop of San, assisted by more than ten priests, in the Cathedral of San. The choir of the parish animated the holy mass well.

In his homily, Bishop Koné insisted on the effort to abandon what is not useful to our consecrated life and not to lose sight of the charism that our Founder Pierre Joseph Triest bequeathed to us.

He also invited the senior sisters to love the newly professed sisters and to help them grow in their religious vocation.

The three newly professed sisters are assigned to the Region of Mali as missionaries. They are : Sr. Joséphine Ankleme, Sr. Générose Muambilabo and Sr. Séraphine Machozi. We welcome them to the Lord’s vineyard in Mali.
After the Holy Eucharist, the whole assembly went to the Novitiate to share a festive meal.


From left to right : Sr. Joséphine Ankleme, Sr. Générose Muambilabo and Sr. Séraphine Machozi

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