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IAN: Entry to Novitiate, June 2022

Three Postulants from Vietnam arrived on April 27th and two from Sri-Lanka on April 28th. We waited three more to arrive from India.

Preparations started for their entry for June 24: 3-day retreat under the guidance of Sr. Fatima Peiris. On 23rd we spent the day in adoration in preparation for the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

The 24th of June was a remarkable day. The five Postulants in IAN and the three, who were still to arrive from India, started their novitiate in their respective places.

Here we have the five novices who are in IAN:

Hoang Thi Vuong, Tran Bich Oanh, Phan Thi Trang from Vietnam, Niyomi Fernandez and Hiruni Livera from Sri-Lanka.

Those in India who are still waiting for their travel documents to go to the IAN:

Pooja, Anjana and Christina.

We feel disappointed that two Postulants from Rwanda who were to join IAN were not able to travel to the Philippines on account of Covid related restrictions.

We welcome all our new novices to the Congregation and may your time in IAN enrich you in the spirit of the SCJM charism and fill you with the zeal to live it in its fullness!

Canonical visit of the Superior General

Sister Lucy Jacob, our Superior General, is in the Province of St. Vincent de Paul in the D.R. Congo from June 29, 2022 to August 15, 2022 for the canonical visit to our Sisters. She is accompanied by Sr. Cécile Ndaya and Sr. Rosily Mathew, the General Bursar who is going there for the first time to study the financial situation of the Province and to help the Sisters in their leadership task in the area of finance and property management. We wish them a good mission.

Provincial and Regional Chapters - First session

In preparation for the General Chapter 2023, the provinces are having their Chapter experiences. For the moment, the Region of Vietnam has started its Chapter since 27/06/2022. Delegated by the Superior General, Sr. Roshni Barla went there as facilitator of the Regional Chapter, accompanied by Sr. Kim-Chi Duong as delegate to the Regional Chapter.

During the month of July 2022, delegated by the Superior General, Sr. Angélique Dikete will be in the Mali Region as Provincial Chapter facilitator, Sr. Deepthika Silva will go to Sri Lanka, Sr Roshni Barla to Delhi and Sr. Cécile Ndaya to vice-province of Rwanda. We wish them a fruitful Chapter. May the Spirit of the Lord guide them in this task.

Holiday time

After the Chapters, the members of the General Team will take some days to have a time of rest with their families (one week) as well as the members of the Generalate community. We wish each and every one of them a good time of rest.

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