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December 2022

The Generalate community is now complete after a long absence of some members.

  • On 13/11/2022, Sr. Deepthika Silva came back to the Generalate from the Philippines where she went to visit the communities of Legazpi and the International Asian Novitiate. She was also present at the official opening of the International Community of the Sacred Heart in Legazpi.
  • Sr. Angélique Dikete and Sr. Cécile Ndaya came back to the Generalate on 30/11/2022 after having been on mission in the Province of St Vincent de Paul in the D.R. Congo. We hope that the mission accomplished in the Province will bear lasting fruit.
  • After her visit to the Region of Mali, Sr. Rosily Mathew, accompanied by Sr. Valsam Jose, came back to the Generalate on 02/12/2022. We continue to pray for the growth of the Region and for its members.
  • On 10/12/2022, Sr. Lucy Jacob came back to the Generalate after a long stay in Delhi Province where she made her canonical visitation. We hope that her presence has brought new life and vitality to the Province.
  • Sr. Kim-Chi Duong facilitated two online learning sessions on communication for some of our sisters from Asia and Africa who are communicators. Eighteen sisters from Asia participated in the program from 21st to 25/11/2022 and nine sisters from Africa were present at the session from 5th to 9/12/2022.

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  • On 01/12/2022, Sr. Roshni Barla received the sad news of the death of her father, Mr. Mathias Barla, in Ranchi. She could not attend the funeral as her residence permit had expired and has not yet been renewed. May the Lord grant the deceased a place of honour in his eternal home and console the whole family.

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