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17 January 2023

  • Sr. Lucy Jacob, Superior General, and Sr. Angélique Dikete, General Councillor, are in Ranchi province for the installation and animation of the new provincial team of Ranchi province. The installation of the new team took place on 14th January, 2023 during a meaningful prayer service in the provincial house, Ranchi. Many sisters from nearby communities were present to grace the occasion. Some part of the nomination process was done online.

The new leadership team members are:

Sr. Mary Joseph Valiyankal (Provincial Superior)
Sr. Sushma Beck
Sr. Lilly Mary Pallipurathu
Sr. Jessy Joseph Varayankunnel
Sr. Manju Rajkishori Beng
Sr. Victoria Minj

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From left to right: Sr. Victoria Minj, Sr. Sushma Beck, Sr. Mary Joseph Valiyankal (Provincial Superior), Sr. Jessy Joseph Varayankunnel, Sr. Lilly Mary Pallipurathu, and Sr. Manju Rajkishori Beng

Our warmest and most sincere congratulations to Sister Mary Joseph and the councillors for the mission! We thank each one of them for having accepted to take up this responsibility of leadership and wish them a fruitful mission in the Lord’s vineyard.

Srs. Lucy and Angélique are visiting some communities in the province as well and will be back to Generalate, Brussels by 24th January.

Please click here to view the photos of the installation of the new provincial team.

  • The General Councillor, Sr. Cécile Ndaya went to the Community in South Belgium on 11th January. She will be with the sisters in Ave Maria community, St.- Servais for ten days.

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