4 November 2023

BLESSINGS SHARED, HOPE AFLAME, was the theme of the celebration of this 19th SCJM Legazpi-Triest Apostolate anniversary and the 220th anniversary of the Foundation of the SCJM!

In gratefulness to God for His presence, His unconditional love and mercy, the Sisters and the team celebrated the event in a meaningful and collaborative way. This was organized by the Sisters, together with the Friends of Fr. Triest, Associates and the youth – Triest Cell Shepherding Team (CST). The event was supposed to be graced by the Bishop of Legazpi, Most. Rev. Joel Z. Baylon, D.D., and City Mayor, Honorable Gie Rosal. However, there was a national event-retreat of all the bishops and priests in the country. Thus, they could not attend the celebration. Two priests were present that night, and it was a blessing! The Holy Family sisters from Sorsogon, Benedictine sisters, Good Shepherd sisters and Sagrada Familia, Fr. Charles, Bro. Mauro and a few residents were also there to celebrate with us. There were professors from Bicol University, Heads from the Bureau of Internal Revenue, teachers, friends and sponsors, donors, and the Friends of Fr. Triest. Of course, the Triest Cell Shepherding Team (CST) youth and Scholars led by Jane de Claro, who were performing in collaboration with the Theresians children from St. Raphael the Archangel Parish, led by Melen Marfil, were also there.

It was an awe-inspiring night and dinner with people from various sectors. It was a miracle that happened that day, and the impossible scenario turned out into possibilities and opportunities for everyone to share talents, giftedness, time and energy, diversity… and being present at that moment was indeed remarkable. It was successful because of the teamwork, collaborative effort, and joyful and creative approach to everything, from the presentation, technical aspect, meal, the venue arrangement, to the coordination of different offices and of course the people who were of great support, and unconditionally shared their blessings to achieve the success of the said event. Despite of many challenges that took place, it was a very empowering moment for all of us. As Sister Swarna shared in her speech: “It was a night full of insights and inspiration, when everyone was welcome on this very significant occasion to celebrate with us in this fund-raising event, the 220 years of SCJM congregation and the 19 years of Triest apostolate with the theme “Blessings Shared, Hope Aflame”.

We thank everyone for their presence, unconditional love and support to the SCJM Triest apostolate throughout the years of serving our sisters and brothers in need. We cherish this moment of grace of being with each other in this event, witnessing to the primacy of God’s love, and rejoice because He loves us so much. The candles were lit and together we asked the intercession of Fr. Peter Joseph Triest to keep God’s love burning in our hearts, like spiritual altars; remembering his very words: “Give, and it shall be given to you”.

At the end of the presentation, Mrs. Salome Yanzon (one of the pioneer Friends of Fr. Triest Associate) highlighted the words of Fr. Triest: “Love is the origin; Service is the way; Complete care is the method; Joy of the Resurrection is the perspective”; recognizing the image of God in every child endowed with gifts and values, with the right to live with dignity and be supported in every way for her/his well-being and to become productive citizen/person in the society. She also thanked everyone for their shared presence and blessings at the event.

United with all the SCJM, the General Team and all the sisters all over the world, in love, prayers, encouragement and constant team-spirit support, we cherish this moment with gratefulness to God for His presence in our journey and mission here in Legazpi, Philippines. Deus Caritas Est.

Sister Madelene B. Nueza, SCJM

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News from the Generalate

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