Celebration of First Profession in Kimpese

On 17 February 2024, the Province of Saint Bernard in the Democratic Republic of Congo celebrated the first profession of two novices in Kimpese: Sister Christine Kalombo and Sister Hortense Tshibola.

From left to right: Sr. Christine and Sr. Hortense

We express our gratitude to God for the wonderful gift of two new religious sisters for his harvest, which is always in need of labourers.

In his homily, Father Moïse Bahonda, parish priest of Sainte Marie Parish in Kimpese and Bishop’s Delegate for the Diocese of Matadi, invited the newly professed sisters to keep their faith in the infinite mercy of the Father, because taking the vows of chastity, obedience and poverty is not an end in itself but a new beginning to bear witness to one’s love for Jesus through commitment, and service rendered with obedience and self-denial.

This new beginning, although joyful, will not lack headwinds. Father Bahonda spoke of humility as the basic virtue for living obedience. Those who obey are not mistaken but receive the Lord’s blessing. For Jesus, the mission received from the Father, that of saving humanity, was his first concern.

Father Bahonda invited consecrated persons to reflect on their identity, on what motivated them to commit themselves to religious life, and to purify their motivations.

Generally speaking, the greatest obstacles to following Christ are not to be found on the journey or in the places where we are sent, but in our own hearts, which are full of likes and dislikes, preferences, demands, pretexts and excessive ambitions that push us to do what everyone else is doing and can sometimes hinder our steps or lead us to abandon the path of the Lord.

Let us be convinced that we have chosen the better part by choosing to follow Christ and serve him. Our world today needs virtuous religious who draw others to holiness.

After the Eucharist, we shared a fraternal meal with our guests and Father Triest’s children. Our joy was immense.

Sisters Agathe Kiena and Jacqueline Misenga

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