News from the Generalate

April 2024

Radiant encounter: Celebrating the Risen Lord! In the heart of our generalate community, the peace and joy of the Risen Lord enveloped us, as if the very air vibrated with His presence!

  • Sr. Rosily Mathew set out for South Africa on a mission journey. After spending a week with the financial affairs of the community of St. Bernard, Johannesburg (the province of St. Vincent), she came back joyfully on the of April 10th.
  • Fr. Fidele Dikete, Sr. Angelique’s brother, added to our Easter joy when he arrived on April 2nd. His visit was marked by enlightening exchanges and global perspectives. During his stay, we had the privilege of having Mass in English. We said goodbye to him on the 10th as he departed for his mission in the USA.
  • On the 6th of April, our hearts were overwhelmed with joy, as we accepted the invitation of Sr. Cecile Chevalier of the Community of Belgium South to join her for a lunch at her residence. Gathered around a table adorned with delicious food, we not only shared meals but also laughter, stories, and the warmth of companionship. Each moment felt like a precious gift, an expression of gratitude. After the meal we had a short walk in the little garden. Thereafter we gathered before the blessed sacrament for a thanksgiving prayer. Our community carried the memory of that sacred encounter – the taste of joy, the echo of laughter and lingering presence of the Risen Lord.
  • The IAN in Philippines is blessed with six new Novices: two from Vietnam, two from Rwanda, and one each from Sri Lanka and Pakistan. They commenced their novitiate on the 10th of April. Let us unitedly send them our fervent prayers and best wishes as they nurture their faith and integrate into the rich tradition of our congregation.
  • On 12th April, the generalate organized a beautiful farewell program for Ms Kaat Leeman, our archivist, to express our gratitude for her commitment, dedication and love for our congregation with which she has been working for the last forty years. Organized in Terhaegen, a beautiful prayer service was followed by lunch and farewell messages. This poignant moment vibrated deeply with everyone present there, encapsulating profound impact of Kaat’s service. 

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News from the Generalate

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