News from the Generalate

May 2024

Welcome to the New Council Members!

On April 25th evening, a meticulously planned and creatively performed celebration marked a significant milestone in our community’s journey. Sister Beatrice Tshilemba’s arrival (19th) added a new chapter to our shared mission, completing our generalate community. The day started with a prayer that filled us with grace and a renewed sense of dedication to our mission, followed by a celebratory meal and a lively recreation. As the day ended, a profound sense of gratitude filled the air. 

Day of Joy and Gratitude: 28th April a very special day

On this bright day brimming with joy and gratitude, we celebrated the birthday of Sister Lucy Jacob. With unwavering enthusiasm and zeal, we joined in a genuine prayer of thanksgiving and praise, intent on carving this day into our memories. It served as a poignant reminder of the words from John 13: 35: “By this, all will know that you are my disciples”.

Travelling: Sister Rosily Mathew, our General Bursar, embarked on a journey to England on May 6th for a meeting with the board of financial management, and returned on the 10th. She expressed great satisfaction and contentment with her work, particularly with the opportunity to meet and connect with our sisters there.

A short visit to Saint- Servais, a community in South Belgium: On May 11th, Sister Valsam Jose and Sister Kim Chi Duong journeyed to visit our sisters. During their time together, they shared a meaningful moment and a meal, deepening the bond of sisterly love before their return.

Day of appreciation: On May 12th, we were blessed to have Sister Anne-Marie Berckmans and Sister Birgit Goslain among us. Grateful for their presence and all they mean to us, we seized the moment to express our gratitude to the Lord. Their recent birthdays added to the celebration, filling us with profound joy and a sense of connection.

On May 14th, Sister Angelique Dikete, our General Councilor, accompanied by Sister Marie Louise Peeters, joined our sisters in Bertem, NTR (Dutch-speaking Region), as they gathered to listen to their chapter delegates. Their presence brought joy as they participated in this sharing and met with the sisters there.


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News from the Generalate

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