Clothing ceremony, first profession and silver jubilees in Mali

Clothing ceremony

On 21/06/2024, the Region of Mali welcomed five postulants who entered the International Novitiate of Africa: Drocella Uwamariya and Estella Nduwayesu from the Vice-Province of Our Lady of Kibeho in Rwanda, Joceline Dakouo from Mali, Cécile Kabunda and Brigitte Lupetu from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The postulants spent three days on retreat before this event, which marks their entry into religious life. Mass began at 4pm and was conducted by the young sisters and novices. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by His Excellency Monsignor Hassa Florent Koné, Bishop of San, and concelebrated by seven priests in the novitiate chapel. Those responsible for vocations ministry, some members of the Christian community of San and other religious congregations took part in the ceremony. All the sisters of the Region were present. After Mass, everyone was invited to share a fraternal meal in the novitiate refectory.

From left to right: Sister Rose Meta, Drocella Uwamariya, Estella Nduwayesu, Joseline Dakouo, Cécile Kabunda, and Brigitte Lupetu

First profession and silver jubilees

On 23 June 2024, eight novices, including five from the Vice-Province of Notre-Dame de Kibeho, Rwanda, and three from the Province of Saint Vincent de Paul in the Democratic Republic of Congo, took their first vows in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes in San, Mali. On the same date, Sister Madeleine Kabwiz and Sister Thérèse Mutombo celebrated their jubilee of twenty-five years of religious life.

This celebration was preceded by an eight-day retreat for the novices and a thirty-day retreat in Bamako for the jubilarians. Monsignor Hassa Florent Koné, Bishop of San, presided over the ceremony with a dozen priests from San and elsewhere. The Eucharistic celebration was moving and rich in meaning, expressed through the words and gestures of the newly professed sisters and the jubilarians sisters. The Eucharist was very lively, with a good number of young sisters singing in the choir.

As usual, the Christian community also invited members of other religious denominations and the political and administrative authorities to this great celebration of the Church. The celebration began at 9am and ended at 12.30pm.

After the Eucharistic celebration, the entire Christian community was invited to the novitiate for a fraternal meal. After the meal, the festivities continued into the evening.

From left to right:
Standing: Sisters Mélanie Mbuyi, Thérèse Mutombo, Solange Ingabire, Rose Meta, Mgr. Hassa Florent Koné, Sister Cécile Ndaya and Sister Madeleine Kabwiz
Seated: Sisters Bernadette Kabembo, Gloriose Siboniyo, Joséphine Mbuyi, Soline Nyirandorimana, Diane Niyomwungere and Mary Banda

Sister Cécile Ndaya

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Clothing ceremony, first profession and silver jubilees in Mali

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