Our mission and charism

The mission of Jesus was to communicate God’s love by affirming human dignity and bringing healing and support to the suffering people of his time.

Our mission as Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary is to reveal that GOD IS LOVE, especially to the poor and the abandoned of our time. Impelled by the love of Jesus, we commit ourselves to the mission of promoting the reign of God in our particular society and in the world at large. This mission of revealing that God is love is central to our call as religious and it is the basis of all our services.

By the very nature of our call to be Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, we receive a special grace to fulfill this mission. We call this our charism, which is love, expressed in the three dimensions of our life – love for God, love for one another in the communities and love for all people especially the poor who are abandoned by the world. Our founder, Peter Joseph Triest saw this love as a legacy from Christ himself. Therefore “the Charism of every SCJM lies in the particular way in which she unifies in her life, the three dimensions of union with God, service of our neighbor and life in community. This unification is woven into life itself”. (Constitution art. 6)

The three dimension of our charism
Love for God, love for one another in the communities and love for all people, especially the poor

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