The mission Statement

The Mission Statement:

Every member of our Congregation is consecrated for mission and in this way shares in the apostolic task entrusted to the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary in the Church.

Responding to the call of a loving God, we come together as Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, to share this experience of love with all people.

Inspired by the Gospel values of love, justice, compassion, equality and freedom, we endeavor to be a transforming presence wherever we are.

As contemplative women, we commit ourselves in the spirit of our Founder, Peter Joseph Triest, to reach out to those people denied of a full life, especially to whom it pays little attention.

In a broken and divided world we aim at being a listening and healing presence and strive to create communities that are built on joy and simplicity, peace and harmony, unity and reconciliation.

At one with the universe and each other, we value the whole of creation and journey with all God’s people in faith, respecting differences, welcoming diversity, and upholding their inherent dignity.

We are convinced that in this we receive more than we can ever give.
In our striving for greater dignity for all, we take calculated risks and make a clear stand on social issues and relationships that would ensure a just and humane future for the human family.

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