Our Services

Services2Our services: In this rapidly developing world of technology, taking Jesus as our prototype, we strive to respond to the multiple growing needs of our time, regardless of religion, races or cultures.

Our services include:

  • Education – both formal and non formal, including special education for the mentally and physically challenged
  • Health care
  • Care of the elderly,
  • Aids patients,
  • People suffering with leprosy,
  • The terminally ill, and
  • Responding to all types of misery and suffering


We also work with:

  • Orphans
  • Socially marginalized
  • The troubled youth
  • Street children
  • The homeless
  • Refugees
  • Oppressed women


A number of our Sisters are involved in:

  • Pastoral activity
  • Catechesis
  • Sharing the Word of God
  • Organizing programs for Religious and laity in Spirituality Centers
  • Promoting Eco Spirituality
  • Prison ministry

To help promote justice and peace we aim to remedy the root causes of many social problems and restore human dignity.

News Update

Professions and jubilees in Kimpese, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Clothing ceremony, first profession and silver jubilees in Mali

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