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November 2022

  • Currently, Sr. Lucy Jacob, our Superior General, is in the Delhi province, India for the canonical visitation of the province. As the province is large and the communities are spread out in the country from north to south and east to west, she has a very busy schedule with many travels. She will be back at the Generalate by 10th December.
  • The General Councillors, Srs. Angélique Dikete and Cécile Ndaya, are delegated on mission in St. Vincent de Paul province, Congo. We wish them a fruitful time. Both of them will be back to the Generalate on 30th November.
  • The official inauguration of the Sacred Heart International Community in Legazpi, Philippines, took place on 4th November. The Holy Mass was presided over by Bishop Rev. Joel Z. Baylon D.D., the bishop of Legazpi. Sr. Deepthika Silva was delegated to be present for the occasion and she left for the Philippines on 1st November. She will also visit the International Asian Novitiate at Tagaytay before returning to Brussels on 13th November.
  • Srs. Valsam Jose and Rosily Mathew are at present making their annual retreat in Wépion, south of Belgium. They have started the retreat on November 7th and will be back by 15th afternoon.
  • A visit of the general bursar, Sr. Rosily, to the region of Mali had to be postponed due to the uncertain situation of the country. Hoping that the situation will get better, it is now scheduled for the 21st of November. She will be accompanied by Sr. Valsam Jose.
  • For health reasons, Sr. Marie Louise has joined the community Melle for a while. We hope to welcome her back soon with renewed strength and vigor.


CARITAS CHRISTI URGET NOS” (The love of Christ impels us - 2Cor. 5:14) was the theme of the Inauguration of the Sacred Heart International Community on November 4, 2022, which was to coincide with the SCJM Foundation Anniversary. It was indeed a remarkable and joyful occasion in the life and mission of SCJM in Legazpi, Philippines.

Prior to this great event, the community had their preparation: cleaning, decorating the chapel, house, dining hall, kitchen, making booklets, logo. The Sisters were helping each other and organized the event with full energy, joy, enthusiasm, and commitment. Sr. Deepthika Silva, General councilor, delegated by Sr. Lucy Jacob arrived on the 2nd of November 2022. Together the sisters were able to plan and arrange everything in a simple yet meaningful celebration.

On the 4th November 2022, the Holy Mass was celebrated, presided by Most. Rev. Bishop Joel Z. Baylon, D. D. (Bishop of Legazpi) at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the Sacred Heart Convent Chapel. Before the mass started, there was an introduction by Sr. Swarna Fernando. It gave a brief historical background of SCJM’s presence in Legazpi, Philippines, and the present context of its conversion into an international community. Sr. Deepthika Silva read the letter of Sr. Lucy Jacob Palliam Pallithura confirming the inauguration of the community and the membership namely; Sr. Swarna Fernando (Local Superior), Sr. Madelene Bibera Nueza, Sr. Anna Le Thi Thuy and Sr. Teresa Nguyen Thi Thuy.

Joining in the said event were the 3 Brothers of Charity and The Friends of Fr. Triest/Associates. The college scholars created a wonderful choir for the mass and the few donors and friends/partners in the mission graced the occasion. The highlight of the day was the AGAPE which everyone enjoyed the shared blessings and gift of each other. Before the departure, Sr. Deepthika gave a token of appreciation to Bishop Baylon on behalf of SCJM. A souvenir key tag with the symbol of the community was distributed to everyone.

Abiding in the spirit of “Cor Unum Anima Una” (One Heart One Soul), the Sacred Heart International Community sojourns together with all the SCJM in the world. In prayer and grateful response to God, may we be Christ on earth as Fr. Peter Joseph Triest confirmed to us all.


Sr. Anna Le Thi Thuy

04 November 2022


“Terhagen” our Motherhouse as it was then!


A house hallowed by the presence of Founder Father Triest, Co-foundress Mother Placide and our Pioneering Sisters!

Let the 219th celebration of our Foundation Day be a celebration of their vision that gave birth to our Congregation!

May we be charged with the same daring faith and

indomitable courage that enabled them to

transcend borders and build bridges!


May God bless us lavishly on this our FOUNDATION DAY and

may we become channels of this blessing to all we meet today!

Sr. Lucy Jacob
Amritsar, India

News from the Generalate

10 October 2022

  • Sr. Lucy Jacob went to Ireland to facilitate the Regional Chapter in Anglo-Irish Region. She was accompanied by Sr. Kim-Chi Duong who was Secretary of the Chapter. They came back to the Generalate on September 21. We thank them for their work with our Sisters and continue to pray for the growth of the Region.

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  • After her visit to the Province of St. Vincent de Paul, Sr. Rosily Mathew went to India for her holiday. We wish her a happy holiday with her mother and the whole family.
  • On 04/10/2022, the Generalate community had the opportunity to watch together « The letter », a Laudato Si’ Movement’s film with Pope Francis. It was a rich experience that invited us to reflect and meditate on the environmental crisis caused by climate change. This leads to the destruction of nature, the sea, vegetation, houses... and the poor are victims.
  • The Generalate community had a visit from Sr. Suzy Spaenhoven who is in Belgium for medical care. She had a good time with the Sisters sharing news from Mali over a fraternal meal. We wish her a good recovery.
  • On 06/10/2022, we were privileged to have the visit of Brother René Stockman, Superior General of the Brothers of Charity. It was an opportunity to learn about the process of beatification of our Founder Peter Joseph Triest and some news. The canonization process of our Founder is going on well, he said. An invitation for us is to continue to pray for this intention. The news was shared over a cup of coffee.
  • On 08/10/2022, the Generalate community made a pilgrimage to Banneux, Belgium. It was an opportunity to bring to our Mother, the Virgin of the Poor, the intentions that each of us had in our hearts. Our Lady of the Poor, pray for our dear Congregation and for our suffering world.

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  • Sr. Lucy will be going to the Province of Delhi in the next few days for the canonical visit. We wish her a good stay and fruitful mission in the Province and assure her of our prayers.

    International Novitiate of Africa (NIA): Sr. Victorine Tshibola has finished her mission in Mali as Novice Mistress by 30/06/2022. We thank her for her service in formation of young novices. She has been replaced by Sr. Julienne Kiangudimosi. We welcome her and wish her a fruitful apostolate. The International Novitiate of Africa (NIA) has sent five second year novices for an exposure in different communities in the Region of Mali. They will have an experience of our SCJM charism in the ministries.

Flood in Pakistan

15 September 2022

Pakistan has experienced prolonged heat waves in April this year. It has been much hotter than ever before. In this climate change the heavy rains could be expected and this is what happened in Pakistan. After the blazing hot weather unusual heavy rains started in June, a month before the normal season of monsoon in the area. The River Indus, the longest river in Pakistan which originates from Himalayan region flowed down with furious gushing waters resulted from the global warming and melting of glaciers. The poor people have suffered not only the natural disaster but also the human selfishness and cruelty. These floods have affected mostly the Province of Sindh and Baluchistan and the Southern Punjab. These are the areas where the marginalized, tenants and bonded labourers live.

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The rich land lords diverted the direction of the water towards the villages of the poor people in order to save their land and properties. In the northern areas of Pakistan the lightning strikes caused heavy floods of stones and water which caused much damaged to the buildings and restaurants on the river banks. Water – reservoirs could not hold the waters and about 25 of them got collapsed aggravating the tragic situation manifold. About one-third of the country is affected by these floods. Thousands of families are displaced and exposed to the harsh-weather under the open sky. The roads and railway-tracks are underwater All the transportation and communication is paralyzed. The only means to reach to these people and take any kind of help are boats and the helicopters.

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The loss of human lives, life-stock and properties is beyond comprehension. There is continuous stress and depression which causes psychological problems.

The government of Pakistan, the local Church and many other religious and social organizations are busy in helping the flood affected people. The other countries are very kind and generous in putting their share as well.

Considering and reflecting on the existing situation and hearing the cry of the poor, our province responds to the challenges and demands by motivating the sisters for simple lifestyle and inviting the students, staff and parents to actively and generously contribute for the rehabilitation of these suffering people. It will take a lot of time for them to resettle in life.

Please remember our people, our Pakistan in your daily prayers.

Sr. Genevieve Ram Lal

News from the Generalate

August 2022

  • During the months of July-August Sr. Lucy Jacob, Superior General, was in the Province of St. Vincent de Paul, Congo, for the canonical visit of the province. After a fruitful mission, sister got back on 16th August to the Generalate.
  • Sr. Rosily Mathew, the General Bursar, is now visiting the communities of St. Vincent de Paul Province, accompanied by Sr. Cécile Ndaya. Both of them are expected to be back in the Generalate by 2nd September.
  • You are aware that many provinces and regions were busy with their provincial/vice-provincial/ regional chapters in the months of July and August. The General Councillors were present in those provinces. Srs. Deepthika and Roshni are back in Brussels from Sri Lanka and Delhi respectively, while Srs. Angélique and Cécile are still in the provinces of Congo.
  • Srs. Lucy Jacob and Valsam took a short break of four days in Koksjide from 24th to 28th August. They came back on 28th Sunday refreshed and renewed.
  • After a long waiting to get their travel documents, the three novices from India have finally reached the IAN, Philippines on 20th August. Two are from the Delhi province and the third from Ranchi. They were warmly welcomed by the Novitiate community. With their arrival, the total number of novices in IAN is eight.
  • The General Council members will be going for their annual retreat to La Pairelle, Wepion, a Jesuit retreat centre in Belgium. They will be away from 2nd to 10th September.

Season of Creation 2022

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The Celebration of Creation 2022 with the theme Listen to the Voice of Creation, begins as you know on 1st September with the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation and concludes on 4th October with the Feast of Saint Francis. It is a special time for all of us to pray and work for concretizing our option to care for our Common Home.

The Burning Bush as the logo of this year’s celebration highlights several pertinent issues we live with today: human greed, desertification, land misuse, disintegration of ecosystems and the destruction of habitats, loss of livelihoods and species… animals and people are forced to flee and migrate due to the fires of injustice and violence…

However, the fire on Mt. Horeb that Moses witnessed did not consume or destroy the bush; instead it affirmed that God heard the cries of all who suffer, and promised deliverance from injustice.

The message of Pope Francis, given on this occasion, draws our attention to the following:

  • Call for ecological conversion: The Pope defines the Season of Creation as an opportunity to cultivate ecological conversion needed to bring about lasting change resulting in a community conversion.
  • Listening to the song and to the cry: He invites us to listen to the sweet song in praise of our beloved Creator as well as the lamenting of our Common Home due to our mistreatment. This listening can encourage us to change our lifestyle.
  • A warning message ahead the forth-coming COPs (the Conference Of the 197 Parties / nations that agreed to a new environmental pact): The COP 27 on climate to be held in Egypt in November 2022 and COP 15 on biodiversity in Canada in December 2022: the Pope calls us to prayer that these events may unite the human family to decisively address the double crisis of climate and biodiversity reduction.
  • Adopting sound principles for biodiversity:
    • building a clear ethical basis for the transformation we need in order to save biodiversity;
    • fighting biodiversity loss, supporting its conservation and recovery, and meeting people’s needs in a sustainable way;
    • promoting global solidarity, taking into account that biodiversity is a global common good that requires a shared commitment;
    • putting people in vulnerable situations at the centre, including those most affected by biodiversity loss, such as indigenous peoples, older people, poor and youth.

I am well aware that almost all our provinces and regions by now have had their P/R Chapters. Care for creation has been one of our concerns. Most of you also have had your annual retreat on the theme of Ecological Conversion. Let this season for the Celebration of Creation be a special time to pray, to reflect, to see what it would mean for us SCJMs to “go and do likewise” in our response to the call of our Common Home .

Let us pray diligently that like Moses, who dared to remove his sandals to stand on the holy ground of God’s presence, we too may be inspired to remove the “sandals” of our unsustainable lifestyle that disconnects us from creation and the Creator. May we instead contemplate our connection to the holy ground and listen to the voice of creation!

Note: It would be very uplifting for all of us in the Congregation to hear and see how you have lived this special season. So, I would very much encourage you to upload your experience on your respective websites, together with some pictures and videos of your activities!

Sr. Lucy Jacob

Sri Lanka current news

12 July 2022

We are deeply concerned about the impact of the ongoing economic crisis on the people, particularly the poor and vulnerable groups and reaffirm our commitment to support Sri Lanka at this difficult time as SCJMs.

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At this crisis moment, the youth of the country started protesting against the current situation of poverty in the country. Though this struggle on the grounds of Galle Face Green officially began on the 9th of April 2022, the fire in the ashes were from the time of the so called independence in 1948.

The demands of the people, angry over the country’s worst economic crisis over last 74 years, were loud and clear. The slogan was “I am the one who did the best” and the response of the public was: “Gota Go Home”. This meant that not the president alone should resign but the whole Rajapaksha regime should be diminished and thus a change of system is a must. It was a consistent demand, referring to the beleaguered president. The protesters on Saturday massed in capital Colombo’s seafront Galle Face area, where thousands of people had been camping for three months, calling for the president to resign for his handling of the economic crisis.

On May 9th 2022, the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksha resigned from his office, and on 9th June, Basil Rajapaksha, the financial minister, was forced to leave his office, and for people this was a victory.

With their withdrawals, again the President Gotabaya Rahjapaksha gave an appointment to Mr Ranil Wickramasinge who was not even in the parliamentary list, as he has been defeated five times.

People were waiting to hear the resignation of President Gota, instead when he started again with Ranil Wickramasinghe, on 9th July 2022, protestors overran the Presidential palace, and his office.

On the 9th of July after the victory

JPEG - 226.6 kb

On the 8th of July night together with people in the Galle face Green

JPEG - 191.8 kb

Nearly two million from all over Sri Lanka, in spite of curfew and with the situation of no fuel, no petrol, no diesel and no transportation, the irate anti-government protesters on Saturday barged into embattled President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s official residence in central Colombo’s high-security zone in Fort area after breaking the barricades. The one and only demand was that they both should resign immediately. The protesters also torched the private residence of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, even after he offered to resign. Those who initiated the people’s struggle for a just cause, namely for a Democratic Government, are the core group of today standing for justice and sovereignty of Sri Lanka. And yet there are little groups who are still with slavish minds serving the Rajapaksha Regime.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is expected to quit on Wednesday the 13th July 2022, marking a dramatic end to the powerful clan’s hold over Sri Lankan politics for more than two decades.

Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena declared on Saturday the 9th July 2022 night that President Rajapaksa had agreed to step down and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe waits pending without taking a proper decision.

On Sunday morning (10th July 2022), many protesters were still camping in the president’s official residence. They are enjoying all facilities in the Presidential House and office and now cooking food, bathing in the swimming pool, playing the piano, and even enjoying games of card and carom in the house. Meanwhile, police said they have arrested more than 3,000 people in connection with the protests on Saturday.

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We are just a drop in the mighty Ocean. We, the sisters of Charity, having gone through this critical and crucial situation of our country, joined the other religious groups, are supporting the protesters who demand for truth and justice. At certain point, even to the military our support is given, when it was a worthy cause in the name of humanity. At this moment, the religious leaders and Lawyers have a big role to play. We continue to pray for all those who are in the decision making position for wisdom, intelligence and courage. Our main mission now is working for Peace in the country. We are being constantly reminded of the last words of our Founder, Peter Joseph Triest, “You are Gods on earth”!

Sr. Pradeepika Perera

News from Vietnam and Lubumbashi

Perpetual profession in Vietnam

June 25, 2022 was a day of joy and thanksgiving for the Region of Our Lady of La Vang in Vietnam and for our Congregation, as six of our Vietnamese Sisters pronounced their perpetual vows during a Eucharistic celebration presided over by Archbishop Joseph NGUYEN Nang, the Archdiocese of Saigon. They are Sisters Teresa Phuong, Teresa Le, Maria Thao, Anna Lien, Anna Thang and Anna Thuy.

During his homily, Bishop Joseph NGUYEN addressed the young professed sisters, saying that the definitive commitment to religious life as a follower of Christ is only the beginning of an adventure, the scope and depth of which will only be discovered and understood as one grows older.

Many priests and religious, benefactors and friends, as well as family members of the newly perpetually professed sisters joined them in praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for the wonders of His love and all the blessings He has showered upon them. Srs. Roshni Barla and Kim Chi Duong from Generalate were also present for the occasion.
The Holy Mass was followed by a festive meal, accompanied by a colourful cultural programme, performed by the Sisters and the postulants of the Region.

We offer our sincere congratulations to the perpetually professed sisters and assure them of our prayerful support.

From left to right : Sisters Teresa Le, Anna Lien, Anna Thuy, Anna Thang, Maria Thao and Teresa Phuong

Celebration of jubilees and perpetual vows in Lubumbashi

On 2 July 2022, Sisters Suzanne MULEKWA KIZYALA, Céline KAYAMBI MUNSONGO and Christelle KAPYA KYONDWE from the Province of St Vincent de Paul, D.R. Congo, made their final commitment to the Lord in Lubumbashi, in the presence of Sr. Lucy Jacob Palliam Pallithura, Superior General, who is currently in our Province of Saint Vincent de Paul for the canonical visit, accompanied by Sisters Cécile Ndaya and Rosily Matthew.

We also shared the joy of our Sisters Agnès MUMBA KANYAMPA and Viviane MANGEYA LUTA who are celebrating respectively the 60th and 25th anniversaries of their religious profession.

All the communities of Upper Katanga were represented at this celebration. We noted the presence of the Brothers of Charity, the Associates of the SCJM, other consecrated persons and the family members of our Sisters.

The Eucharistic celebration took place in the Parish of Our Lady of Peace in Gécamines. It was presided over by the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Lubumbashi, Mgr. Emmanuel MUMBA. He was accompanied by twenty-four priests and a deacon.

In his homily, the main celebrant emphasized the mission of the prophet which is to destroy and rebuild, to uproot and plant. This means destroying evil and building good; uprooting evil and planting good, provided that we remain united to Jesus Christ as the branch attached to the vine.

After the mass, the festive meal took place in the P.J. Triest hall of Tshondo High School.

From left to right : Sisters Suzanne Mulekwa, Céline Kayambi and Christelle Kapya

News from the Generalate

IAN: Entry to Novitiate, June 2022

Three Postulants from Vietnam arrived on April 27th and two from Sri-Lanka on April 28th. We waited three more to arrive from India.

Preparations started for their entry for June 24: 3-day retreat under the guidance of Sr. Fatima Peiris. On 23rd we spent the day in adoration in preparation for the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

The 24th of June was a remarkable day. The five Postulants in IAN and the three, who were still to arrive from India, started their novitiate in their respective places.

Here we have the five novices who are in IAN:

Hoang Thi Vuong, Tran Bich Oanh, Phan Thi Trang from Vietnam, Niyomi Fernandez and Hiruni Livera from Sri-Lanka.

Those in India who are still waiting for their travel documents to go to the IAN:

Pooja, Anjana and Christina.

We feel disappointed that two Postulants from Rwanda who were to join IAN were not able to travel to the Philippines on account of Covid related restrictions.

We welcome all our new novices to the Congregation and may your time in IAN enrich you in the spirit of the SCJM charism and fill you with the zeal to live it in its fullness!

Canonical visit of the Superior General

Sister Lucy Jacob, our Superior General, is in the Province of St. Vincent de Paul in the D.R. Congo from June 29, 2022 to August 15, 2022 for the canonical visit to our Sisters. She is accompanied by Sr. Cécile Ndaya and Sr. Rosily Mathew, the General Bursar who is going there for the first time to study the financial situation of the Province and to help the Sisters in their leadership task in the area of finance and property management. We wish them a good mission.

Provincial and Regional Chapters - First session

In preparation for the General Chapter 2023, the provinces are having their Chapter experiences. For the moment, the Region of Vietnam has started its Chapter since 27/06/2022. Delegated by the Superior General, Sr. Roshni Barla went there as facilitator of the Regional Chapter, accompanied by Sr. Kim-Chi Duong as delegate to the Regional Chapter.

During the month of July 2022, delegated by the Superior General, Sr. Angélique Dikete will be in the Mali Region as Provincial Chapter facilitator, Sr. Deepthika Silva will go to Sri Lanka, Sr Roshni Barla to Delhi and Sr. Cécile Ndaya to vice-province of Rwanda. We wish them a fruitful Chapter. May the Spirit of the Lord guide them in this task.

Holiday time

After the Chapters, the members of the General Team will take some days to have a time of rest with their families (one week) as well as the members of the Generalate community. We wish each and every one of them a good time of rest.

News from the Congregation

International Novitiate of Africa/Mali (NIA)

23/06/2022 - Clothing ceremony of nine postulants

This year 2022, the International Novitiate of Africa (NIA), Mali has welcomed nine postulants, five from the Vice-Province of Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda, three from the Province of St. Vincent de Paul, Congo and one from the Region of Mali, who began their Novitiate on 23rd June. They are: Joséphine Mbuyi, Edith Dakouo, Mélanie Mbuyi, Bernadette Kabongo, Mary, Cloriose, Soline, Diane and Solange. They spent a time of prayer with the Lord before receiving the habit. This ceremony of clothing took place during the Eucharistic celebration in the Novitiate chapel. After the main celebrant’s homily, the postulants went out of the chapel to put on the religious habit (blouse, loincloth and head scarf), which marks the entry into religious life, and returned to the chapel with singing hymns and dance.
We wish them a fruitful period of formation in the Novitiate.



Province of Saint Bernard

24/06/2022 - First profession of two novices in Kimpese

Sister Angèle Benabiabo, Provincial Superior, went to the Novitiate, Kimpese to meet the two second year novices before their first profession. On 23 June, many Sisters from different communities arrived Kimpese for the profession ceremony.

On 24/06/2022, the Eucharistic celebration took place in the chapel, presided over by the Reverend Théophile Luwengo, Dean Parish Priest of Kimpese and Delegate of His Excellency Mgr André Giraud Pindi, Bishop appointed for the diocese of Matadi, assisted by some priests.

In his homily, Father Luwengo insisted on the fact that: "the religious vocation is a gift from God, who calls whomever He wills, whenever He wills and how He wills. God trusts us and entrusts with His mission despite our smallness.
Let us abandon ourselves to Him so that He may fashion us in His image and make us servants according to His Heart. Let us not say that we are still children, but let us let Him take control of our lives".

The singing was led by the parish youth choir and some junior members of the SCJM in the community.

First the ceremony of the taking of the habit by seven postulants took place and then that of the first profession of two novices after the proclamation of the Gospel and the homily.

After this Eucharistic celebration, a festive meal was presented to the guests, and everything ended in a joyful atmosphere.

From left to right : Sr. Agnès Mukendi, Sr. Angèle Benabiabo (Provinciale Superior ) and Sr. Brigitte Kalolo


Vice-Province of Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda

The celebrations of 24/06/2022

On 24th June 2022, the Vice-Province of Our Lady of Kibeho had the joy of celebrating several feasts: The feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the 186th commemoration of the death of our dear Founder Peter-Joseph Triest, the profession of perpetual vows of our Sister Charitine Impuhwe, the renewal of vows of our Sisters Marie Uwambajimana, Félicité Dusengimana, Pascaline Mukandayambaje, Béatrice Byukusenge and Enatha Dusenge, the receiving the religious habit of our five postulants and finally the welcome of four young girls who came to join us to begin their first year of postulancy.

For all these events, we give thanks to God. And we say a big thank you in the name of the whole Congregation and the Vice-Province of Our Lady of Kibeho for this precious gift of postulants who evoke for us the first four disciples of Jesus. They come from two countries where our Vice-Province is present: Consolate Niyirangira and Estella Nduwayezu from Burundi, Drocella Uwamariya and Marie-Rose Uwamahoro from Rwanda. During their meditation in preparation for the opening ceremony of the postulancy, they freely chose the names of the first four disciples. Thus, from now on, we have in the group: Simon Drocella, André Consolate, Jacques Estella and Jean Marie-Rose. Let us carry them in our humble prayers so that their patron saints may help them to abandon their nets full of fish and to joyfully and freely follow Jesus, who wants to teach them to become fishers of people. May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Kibeho, accompany them! (Sr. Yvonne Ngomba Lukusa)

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Region of Mali

26/06/2022 - First profession of three novices in San

The Region of Mali witnessed a joyful event on 26/06/2022 - the first profession of three novices, two of whom come from the Province of Saint Bernard and one from the Province of Saint Vincent de Paul, Congo.

The Holy Mass of profession was celebrated by His Excellency Monsignor Hassan Florent Koné, Bishop of San, assisted by more than ten priests, in the Cathedral of San. The choir of the parish animated the holy mass well.

In his homily, Bishop Koné insisted on the effort to abandon what is not useful to our consecrated life and not to lose sight of the charism that our Founder Pierre Joseph Triest bequeathed to us.

He also invited the senior sisters to love the newly professed sisters and to help them grow in their religious vocation.

The three newly professed sisters are assigned to the Region of Mali as missionaries. They are : Sr. Joséphine Ankleme, Sr. Générose Muambilabo and Sr. Séraphine Machozi. We welcome them to the Lord’s vineyard in Mali.
After the Holy Eucharist, the whole assembly went to the Novitiate to share a festive meal.


From left to right : Sr. Joséphine Ankleme, Sr. Générose Muambilabo and Sr. Séraphine Machozi

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Ceremony of Sr Charitine Impuhwe’s Perpetual Vows in Ghent

24 June 2022

June 24, 2022 was an exceptional day at the "Mother House" of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary in Ghent! Three events marked this day: the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the anniversary of the birth in heaven of Father Pierre-Joseph Triest, our Founder, and finally the perpetual profession of Sr Charitine Impuhwe in the chapel of the Mother House.

The ceremony began with the procession at the entrance of the chapel, while the organist accompanied the singing from the rood screen. The large presence of more than a hundred people at this celebration, including the Belgian South Community, Sr. Charitine’s family members, the staff of Tabor and our collaborators, marked this exceptional event.

In his homily, Bishop Luc Van Looy spoke about religious life saying that it is the same in Europe and Africa but the context is different. There is one God and we follow one Lord. Today, the world needs the presence of religious women who, in most cases, take the side of the poor and vulnerable. That is why it is important to pray a lot for the sisters who follow Christ.

The ceremony was very moving, especially for the sisters, who expressed the joy of experiencing such an event again after many years. During the Eucharist, hyms were sung in five languages: French, Dutch, English, Latin and Kinyarwanda, highlighting the international character of the community to which Sr Charitine belongs.

The symbols used in the offering procession were: the candle representing Christ; the flowers symbolising all the SCJMs; the grapes, host and wine symbolising the body and blood of Christ.

After the celebration, an aperitif was offered to the guests, followed by a fraternal meal in the dining room.

Please click this link to view the photos: Sr. Charitine Impuhwe’s perpetual vows

Video of the profession:

Happy Feast !

24 June 2022

Dutch-speaking Region - Installation of the new regional team

20 June 2022

As you know, the Dutch-speaking Province has been in a process of restructuration for some time. On 20/06/2022, it was effectively restructured into a Region under the General Government of the SCJM.

The installation of the new regional team took place on the same day in the chapel of the Mother House, Ghent at 2pm.

The ceremony started with a procession : Sister Lucy Jacob, Superior General, carried incense, and the members of the regional team carried the Constitutions and Statutes of the SCJM, the encyclicals Fratelli Tutti, Laudato Si’ and the synodal document. These symbols were placed at the altar which was well decorated.

More than sixty Sisters, as well as lay collaborators, were present at this beautiful ceremony.

After the welcome by Sr. Dominiek Vanvoorden and the meditation of the Word of God, Sr. Lucy Jacob read the official letter of appointment of the new team which is composed of

1. Sr Birgit Goslain, Regional Superior

2. Sr Annie Duytschaever, Council Member

3. Sr Anne-Marie Castelein, Council Member

4. Sr Sushila Toppo, Council Member

Their mandate is for four years, with effect from 20/06/2022 to 19/06/2026.


From left to right: Sr. Annie Duytschaever, Sr. Birgit Goslain (Regional Superior), Sr. Anne-Marie Castelein and Sr. Sushila Toppo

After the reading of the letter of appointment, each member of the new team freely gave their response to commit themselves to the service of the Region and to work together hand in hand for the good of the Region. This was symbolised by the gesture of burning incense, each in turn, at the altar.

After the installation ceremony, the assembly moved to the corridor for the reception, followed by a fraternal meal in the Sisters’ refectory.

We wish them to be good leaders according to the heart of Jesus and assure them of our humble prayers.

First profession: India

June 2022

11th June 2022 was a joyful day for the two Provinces in India as five novices pronounced their first vows in Hulhundu: two of Delhi Province and three of Ranchi Province. They had their Novitiate formation in Ashadeep, Hulhundu (Ranchi).

The newly professed are – Srs. Susana Cherowa, Mary Goreti Xalxo, Jyoti Hemrom, Salu Tirkey and Sumitra Laguri.

The Holy Eucharist was presided by Rev. Felix Toppo, Archbishop of Ranchi archdiocese at Our Lady of Fatima Church, Hulhundu. Sr. Lucy Emmanuel, the provincial superior of Delhi Province, was there to receive the vows of two novices. At the reception after the Mass, many sisters of the Ranchi Province and the family members of the newly professed sisters were present.

We wish our heartfelt congratulations to the newly professed sisters! Our best wishes and prayers are with you as you begin your life in the SCJM family.

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From left to right : Srs. Salu Tirkey, Mary Goreti Xalxo, Jyoti Hemrom, Susana Cherowa and Sumitra Laguri

Video of the profession:

The Joyful Day of First Commitment

4 June 2022

After two years of formation in the novitiate, our three novices were ready to take their temporary vows. The novitiate has set a solid foundation for living their consecrated life. The novices entered into retreat for eight days, guided and accompanied by Rev. Fr Patrick OFM Cap. After eight days of silence and solitude, reflection and discernment, our three novices Aniqa Shoukat, Shiza Arif and Summan Ashraf, were ready to plunge their nets into the deep.

The traditional ceremony of cutting hair of the novices took place on the eve of 22nd May, 2022 as all the Sisters were gathered together after their enriching experience of the Provincial Chapter session one. This ceremony has its origin dating back to the beginning of religious institutions. This traditional ceremony began with the hymn “I have decided to follow Jesus” which was followed by reading from the Holy Bible and psalm 45 was sung by everyone. As the psalm was sung Sr. Noreen Peter, the Novice Mistress performed this traditional ceremony of the cutting hair which symbolizes the total submission and offertory of oneself to God.

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On 23rd May 2022 morning, at 7:30 am, the Formation Community proceeded to the Provincialate Chapel where the Provincial, General Councilor and Superior of the community along with the other Sisters welcomed and received them. All entered the chapel joyfully rejoicing and thanking the Lord for these new members in the Congregation. The Chapel was beautifully decorated and a meaningful liturgy was arranged for their Reception Ceremony. As the General Chapter theme is "Go and do likewise” so the novices desired to choose the same theme for their first commitment. They presented their request, after which they received habit and the veil, Constitutions and Statutes of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary by the Provincial. It was a moment of joy and blessing for the Province.

On the same day, the ceremony of pronouncing their temporary vows took place during the holy Eucharist in which the priests, religious, families of the novices and our SCJM Associates participated. The procession was led by the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary along with the three novices, their parents and the priests. After the introduction of the ceremony, the parents of our three novices entrusted their daughters to Sr. Victoria Rehmat, the provincial Superior to be the members of the SCJM family.

The Holy Mass was celebrated by the Vicar General, Rev. Fr. Asif Sardar, with other priests. During the Holy Mass, the sisters consecrated themselves by pronouncing the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience to God publically for three years, to serve the Lord and His people like a Good Samaritan.

After making their request known, they received the SCJM cross as a sign of being the member of the Congregation. The ceremony moved along to garland the newly professed Sisters, a symbolic gesture of acceptance and rejoicing which was done by three jubilarian sisters. These moments were very touching as the sisters accepted and promised to help and support our newly professed sisters.

After the final blessing, a ‘Vote of Thanks’ was presented by the newly professed sisters. The melodious choir for the occasion was well prepared by Mr. Amir Yaqub and Sr. Magdalene Yaqub, which kept up the spirit of prayer and blessing for the great occasion.

After the Holy Mass, the newly professed sisters led the congregation to the Sacred Heart Convent Hall. Another ceremony of cutting cake, offering and receiving gifts and blessings was held. The festive food was then enjoyed by all.

May God continue to bless our three SCJMs and accompany them in their life’s journey as His chosen disciples.

Formation Community, Lahore

From left to right : Sisters Aniqa Shoukat, Summan Ashraf and Shiza Arif

Laudato Si’ Week 2022

21 May 2022

PNG - 24.5 kb As many of you in various provinces / regions are listening to the call for an “ecological conversion” through your annual retreat, Laudato Si Week 2022 has come calling us to celebrate together!

This is held May 22-29 with the theme “Listening and Journeying Together”, guided by a quote from Pope Francis: “Bringing the human family together to protect our common home” (LS 13). This global celebration calls us to listen and respond together to the cry of creation.

Once again let us, as a global body of SCJMs, journey together with our sisters and brothers all over to world and intensify our efforts in solving the dual challenges of the climate emergency and ecological crisis. This is particularly significant as our focus for 2022 is “ecological conversion”.

Laudato Si’ Week 2022 is sponsored by the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and facilitated by Laudato Si’ Movement in collaboration with a number of Catholic partners.

For more information on this “Week” and to get ideas for getting creatively involved, kindly log on to

Sr. Lucy Jacob
20 May 2022

News from the Generalate

16 May 2022

  • As already indicated in the last “update”, Sr. Lucy Jacob was with our Sisters of the Anglo-Irish region for a visit and returned to the Generalate on 7th May. Both for the Sisters and for Sr. Lucy it was a very enriching experience.
  • Sr. Rosily Mathew, our general bursar, paid her maiden visit to England and Ireland and got herself better informed of the financial situation and administration of the region. This experience definitely enhances her in her role and tasks in the Congregation.
  • In the spirit of synodality, the members of the General Council are engaged in the task of accompanying our sisters at their provincial/regional chapters as facilitators.
    • Sr. Cécile Ndaya has been with the chapter group of the Community of Belgium South which had its chapter over five weekends, from 04 April to 07 May 2022.
    • Sr. Angélique Dikete and Sr. Cecile Ndaya are in the provinces of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Bernard respectively. Both the provinces have their chapters simultaneously from 15-20 May.
    • Sr. Deeptika Silva is with the Sisters of Pakistan whose chapter falls between the 18th and 23rd of May.
    • Sr. Roshni Barla has just left for Ranchi. She will be with the chapter members of the province from 20-25 May.

We remain united with them and with our Sisters in these provinces in Spirit and assure them of our prayerful support as they journey together in discernment.

  • On Saturday, the 14th, our Mother House in Gent welcomed a good many of our Sisters from the various communities of Europe who joined the Jubilerians of this year in praise and thanksgiving for their 75, 70, 60 or 50 years of their commitment in the Congregation. The thanksgiving Eucharistic celebration was followed by a reception culminating in a sumptuous meal. Vibrations of joy and excitement filled the air as sisters socialised and exchanged news with one another.

Please click this link to view the photos : Jubilee celebration in Ghent

  • On 16th May, the community had the joy of welcoming his Lordship Raymond Wickramasinghe, the Bishop of Galle, Sri Lanka who paid us a courtesy visit along with his secretary, Fr. Ruwan. We had some grace-filled moments with them.

News of the week

23 April 2022

Celebration of Easter

After the long period of Lent, we had the opportunity to make the ascent to Easter by offering our prayers to God for all those who suffer throughout the world.
Before the Easter vigil, we shared a fraternal meal together as a community. After the meal, the members of the community were free to go and celebrate the Eucharist in a parish of their choice in Brussels. Easter Sunday started with a beautiful liturgy in our well decorated chapel. After breakfast, everyone was free to participate in the Eucharistic celebration in the different parishes of Brussels.

The risen Christ is present among us, always bringing us peace, joy and hope.

Community outing

Two years ago, the members of the Generalate community had planned a community recreation day in Keukenhof, Netherlands; but this did not take place because of the Covid-19 situation.

As the situation has more or less stabilized, the community had the opportunity to make this excursion on 20th April 2022. We left Generalate around 7.30 am, after morning prayer, and had a very beautiful sunny day. After walking, enjoying and contemplating the different species of tulips and other flowers, we returned to the community in the evening.

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Sr. Anne-Marie Berckmans came to look after the house during our outing; we sincerely thank her for her availability.

Sr. Lucy Jacob’s visit to the Anglo-Irish Region

Sr. Lucy is making her canonical visit to the Anglo-Irish Region from 23 April to 7 May 2022. We wish her a safe journey and a fruitful mission there and assure her of our spiritual and moral support.

New leadership team in St. Bernard’s Province

18 March 2022

As you already know, Srs. Angélique Dikete and Cécile Ndaya have been journeying with our sisters of the province of St. Bernard, Congo in the process of discernment for the appointment of a new leadership team. In effect, we have a new leadership team installed on 16th: Sr. Angèle Benabiabo as the Provincial Superior with Sr. Arlette Lusukamu, Sr. Chantal Mutombo, Sr. Annie Makiese and Sr. Hélène Doteane as Provincial Council members.

As the installation service was held also on line, several sisters from other parts of the Congregation too could participate at this joyful occasion.

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From left to right: Sr. Angèle Benabiabo (Provincial Superior), Sr. Chantal Mutombo, Sr. Annie Makiese, Sr. Hélène Doteane and Sr. Arlette Lusukamu

News update

23 February 2022

Sr. Lucy Jacob, Superior General, started her canonical visit to Ranchi Province on 1st February online. She could not visit the sisters in person as Covid situation in India was bad. The Internet connection is a concern, especially in the communities situated in the villages.

Sr. Marie Louise went for her annual retreat to De Bron, Lovenjoel, on 4th February and came back refreshed and energised on 12th February to the community.

20th February 2022 was a very significant day for the whole Congregation, when the official opening of the Terhaegen International Community in Ghent took place during a prayer service at 3.00pm, organized by the provincial leadership team and sisters of Nederlandstalige Provincie. The installation of Sr. Sushila Toppo as the superior of the community was done by Sr. Lucy Jacob. On this occasion, the relic (first degree) of our Founder Rev. Peter Joseph Triest was brought from Lovedegem and placed in the chapel of the Mother House. At the end of the prayer service, a young tree was planted in the garden of Terhaegen, symbolizing the beginning of the new venture in the Congregation. Many sisters from Nederlandstalige Provincie, Belgium South community and Generalate were present for the occasion.

Since it was streamed online, many of our sisters from all the Provinces, Vice-province and Regions could also watch the program. It was an opportunity to give a testimony of Cor Unum Anima Una

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Terhaegen International Community

Please click this link to see the photos: Photos of the opening of Terhaegen INC

Video :


Sisters Angélique Dikete and Cécile Ndaya left for Congo, St. Bernard Province, on 23rd February for the animation of the Province in view of the nomination of a new leadership team. We wish them our prayerful support during this very important process in the Province.

Last week, the storm Eunice caused havoc in England and other western countries of Europe. The wind blew with the speed of 122 miles per hour. Belgium also was affected by it. We too felt its effect here in the Generalate. One huge tree in the campus was uprooted and it fell on other trees. Some branches of it have fallen on the compound of our neighbours – the Cloistered Carmelite Sisters. It has damaged some part of the boundary wall. Now it is a huge task to get it cleared and have the wall restored.

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Recent news

23 January 2022

  • Sr Valsam Jose came back to the Generalate on 15/01/2022 after the funeral of her younger brother who died in India and after spending her holidays with her family. It was a joy for us to meet in the new year 2022. We welcome her back to the Community after recovering her moral and physical energies.
  • As you already know, the Belgian South Province has become the Belgian South Community with Sister Anne-Marie Berckmans as canonical Superior. The official installation of the canonical Superior took place on 15/01/2022 at Saint Servais and on 16/01/2022 at the home in Neufvilles. Sr. Cécile Ndaya was delegated by the Superior General for this occasion.

Our warmest and most sincere congratulations to Sister Anne-Marie for her new mission! We thank her for having accepted to carry this heavy responsibility and wish her a good apostolate in the Lord’s vineyard.

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  • The processes of the nominations of the provincial teams in the Congregation are taking place. Now it is the turn of the Province of Delhi. The installation of the new leadership team took place on 23/01/2022 during a meaningful prayer service. Many sisters attended it as it was online. The members of the new team are:

- Sr. Lucy Emmanuel Punnamukalel (Provincial Superior)

- Sr. Moly Augustine Vavukatt

- Sr. Kiran Kispotta

- Sr. Vandana Jose Kocholickal

- Sr. Vineetha Miranda.

We wish them a good mission in the Province.

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From left to right : Sr. Vineetha Miranda, Sr. Kiran Kispotta, Sr. Lucy Emmanuel Punnamukalel (Provincial Superior), Sr. Moly Augustine Vavukatt and Sr. Vandana Jose Kocholickal

News update

January 2022

  • Srs. Angélique Dikete and Cécile Ndaya, general councillors, came back to Generalate on 9th January after having accomplished their mission in the province of St. Vincent de Paul, Congo. The Community welcomed them back warmly. No doubt, they are happy to re-join the community.
  • The process of nomination for the appointment of a new leadership team in the province of Sri Lanka was held on line. Srs. Deepthika and Roshni facilitated this process. As the members of the General Council were on different continents, they too met together on-line for consultation and discernment.

The installation of the new team took place on 12th January during a meaningful prayer service. Several Sisters from various parts of the Congregation as well as the communities of the province participated - on line, of course.

The new Leadership Team consists of Sr. Patsy Pitchai as the Provincial Superior and Sr. Pradeepika Perera, Sr. Malar Coonghe, Sr. Chandrika Liyanarchchi and Sr. Jenita Ragel as council members.
We thank them for their generous and courageous “yes” to the call of leadership in the province and assure them of our prayers.

Province of Sri Lanka

From left to right : Sr. Chandrika Liyanarchchi, Sr. Malar Coonghe, Sr. Patsy Pitchai (Provincial Superior), Sr. Pradeepika Perera and Sr. Jenita Ragel.

  • Due to the restrictions of Covid–19 in Netherlands, Sr. Lucy was unable to visit our sisters there when she was in the Province in November last year. The sisters were waiting to meet her face to face. In spite of her busy schedule, Sr. Lucy went there on 11th January and the Sisters received her with much joy.

News Update

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