News from the Generalate

May 2024

Welcome to the New Council Members!

On April 25th evening, a meticulously planned and creatively performed celebration marked a significant milestone in our community’s journey. Sister Beatrice Tshilemba’s arrival (19th) added a new chapter to our shared mission, completing our generalate community. The day started with a prayer that filled us with grace and a renewed sense of dedication to our mission, followed by a celebratory meal and a lively recreation. As the day ended, a profound sense of gratitude filled the air. 

Day of Joy and Gratitude: 28th April a very special day

On this bright day brimming with joy and gratitude, we celebrated the birthday of Sister Lucy Jacob. With unwavering enthusiasm and zeal, we joined in a genuine prayer of thanksgiving and praise, intent on carving this day into our memories. It served as a poignant reminder of the words from John 13: 35: “By this, all will know that you are my disciples”.

Travelling: Sister Rosily Mathew, our General Bursar, embarked on a journey to England on May 6th for a meeting with the board of financial management, and returned on the 10th. She expressed great satisfaction and contentment with her work, particularly with the opportunity to meet and connect with our sisters there.

A short visit to Saint- Servais, a community in South Belgium: On May 11th, Sister Valsam Jose and Sister Kim Chi Duong journeyed to visit our sisters. During their time together, they shared a meaningful moment and a meal, deepening the bond of sisterly love before their return.

Day of appreciation: On May 12th, we were blessed to have Sister Anne-Marie Berckmans and Sister Birgit Goslain among us. Grateful for their presence and all they mean to us, we seized the moment to express our gratitude to the Lord. Their recent birthdays added to the celebration, filling us with profound joy and a sense of connection.

On May 14th, Sister Angelique Dikete, our General Councilor, accompanied by Sister Marie Louise Peeters, joined our sisters in Bertem, NTR (Dutch-speaking Region), as they gathered to listen to their chapter delegates. Their presence brought joy as they participated in this sharing and met with the sisters there.


First and Final Professions in Sacred Heart School, Hulhundu

3rd May 2024 was a day of twin celebration and double joy for Ranchi Province. On this day, three of our tertians – Sister Any Kandulna, Sister Roshline Kullu and Sister Suchita Ekka – made their final profession and five of our senior novices – Madhuri Kerketta, Nilima Lomga, Jasmati Hembrom, Anjana Soy and Asunta Lugun – made their first profession during the Holy Eucharist at Sacred Heart school auditorium, Hulhundu. Most Rev. Vincent Aind, Archbishop of Ranchi Archdiocese, officiated the solemn Eucharist along with twelve other priests. The theme of the occasion was “I in them and You in me’’ (Jn 17:23).

The Tertians and the novices were well prepared by their mistresses, Sister Lilly, the junior mistress, and Sister Rashmi Kerketta, the novice mistress, to offer themselves totally to the Lord and for His service in the Church. They pronounced the vows with courage and conviction. Our Provincial Superior, Sister Sushma Beck, received their vows in the name of the Church. Many SCJMs, the family members, relatives of the sisters and novices were present on this occasion in a spirit of thanksgiving, to witness and share the joy of these new brides.

The choir led by Sisters Alexia Kerketta and Rita Beck and the entrance dance performed by our postulants made the liturgy more devotional and lively. The presence of postulants was a great help for the community in the preparation and success of the event. Sister Davies and community prepared and served a sumptuous meal which all enjoyed.

Dear Sisters, as we thank God for the gift of each one of you to the Church and to the Congregation, we wish you all the best and God’s abundant blessings for a happy religious life ahead. May the Love of God guide and direct you in your service to Him and may He give you strength and courage to live the life that you have chosen.

Sister Elsy Cherian


News from the Generalate

April 2024

Radiant encounter: Celebrating the Risen Lord! In the heart of our generalate community, the peace and joy of the Risen Lord enveloped us, as if the very air vibrated with His presence!

  • Sr. Rosily Mathew set out for South Africa on a mission journey. After spending a week with the financial affairs of the community of St. Bernard, Johannesburg (the province of St. Vincent), she came back joyfully on the of April 10th.
  • Fr. Fidele Dikete, Sr. Angelique’s brother, added to our Easter joy when he arrived on April 2nd. His visit was marked by enlightening exchanges and global perspectives. During his stay, we had the privilege of having Mass in English. We said goodbye to him on the 10th as he departed for his mission in the USA.
  • On the 6th of April, our hearts were overwhelmed with joy, as we accepted the invitation of Sr. Cecile Chevalier of the Community of Belgium South to join her for a lunch at her residence. Gathered around a table adorned with delicious food, we not only shared meals but also laughter, stories, and the warmth of companionship. Each moment felt like a precious gift, an expression of gratitude. After the meal we had a short walk in the little garden. Thereafter we gathered before the blessed sacrament for a thanksgiving prayer. Our community carried the memory of that sacred encounter – the taste of joy, the echo of laughter and lingering presence of the Risen Lord.
  • The IAN in Philippines is blessed with six new Novices: two from Vietnam, two from Rwanda, and one each from Sri Lanka and Pakistan. They commenced their novitiate on the 10th of April. Let us unitedly send them our fervent prayers and best wishes as they nurture their faith and integrate into the rich tradition of our congregation.
  • On 12th April, the generalate organized a beautiful farewell program for Ms Kaat Leeman, our archivist, to express our gratitude for her commitment, dedication and love for our congregation with which she has been working for the last forty years. Organized in Terhaegen, a beautiful prayer service was followed by lunch and farewell messages. This poignant moment vibrated deeply with everyone present there, encapsulating profound impact of Kaat’s service. 

News from the Generalate

January-February 2024

  • The community of the Generalate joined our sisters of the Dutch-speaking region and those of the Community of Belgium South on 13 January to celebrate the New Year of 2024, organised by the Region. We had a splendid time together at our Mother House.
  • Sr. Lucy Jacob made her canonical visitation of the Community of Belgium South during the second half of January. It was a grace-filled time of being present to one another, encouraging and enriching.
  • The community also participated at the 110th anniversary of the arrival of the first group of Sisters at Beau Vallon on 19 January. It was also an opportunity to meet and be with several of our collaborators. The thanksgiving Eucharistic celebration was followed by a delicious meal during which various testimonies were shared.
  • On World Day of Consecrated Life on 02 February, the religious men and women of the Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels met together for a beautiful Eucharistic celebration presided over by His Excellency Monsignor Luc Terlinden, the new Bishop of our diocese. Some of us also were there to meet and greet him as well as to be with our religious community in the diocese. The location was the Church of Our Lady of Graces in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.
  • After a holiday and a refresher program in Bangalore, Sr. Roshni Barla arrived in Vietnam on 12 February. She is entrusted with the ministry of formation in the Region, in particular of the junior sisters. We wish her a fruitful mission!
  • As you know, we were waiting for the three incoming members of the General Government. Finally, we had the joy of welcoming two of them: Sr. Suman Anima Toppo and Sr. Mary Joseph Valiyankal. We wish them a fruitful mission in the service of the Congregation. We hope and pray that Sr. Béatrice Tshilemba will be able to obtain her visa soon and join us sooner than later.
  • We are grateful to the Lord for his Spirit and his graces which accompanied us at the second session of the Provincial and Regional Chapters. We wish all our Sisters in the Congregation good continuity in the spirit of our General Chapter so that together we make a determined response to Jesus’ call to “go and do likewise”.
  • Every year, the UISG (International Union of Superiors General) organizes a meeting for new members of the General Councils of Congregations around the world to initiate them into this international community and to familiarise them of its role and functioning within the Church and world. On 02 February, the members of the general team had the opportunity to participate in this webinar.
  • On 26 February, we had the joy of welcoming Sr. Cécile Chevalier of the Community of Belgium South who came to spend a few days with us. We had moments of prayer, fraternal sharing and joyful exchanges. We are very grateful to God for His presence among us through the person of Sr. Cécile which brought much joy and laughter. May the Lord always keep us in Cor unum anima una (one heart and one soul).

Celebration of First Profession in Kimpese

On 17 February 2024, the Province of Saint Bernard in the Democratic Republic of Congo celebrated the first profession of two novices in Kimpese: Sister Christine Kalombo and Sister Hortense Tshibola.

From left to right: Sr. Christine and Sr. Hortense

We express our gratitude to God for the wonderful gift of two new religious sisters for his harvest, which is always in need of labourers.

In his homily, Father Moïse Bahonda, parish priest of Sainte Marie Parish in Kimpese and Bishop’s Delegate for the Diocese of Matadi, invited the newly professed sisters to keep their faith in the infinite mercy of the Father, because taking the vows of chastity, obedience and poverty is not an end in itself but a new beginning to bear witness to one’s love for Jesus through commitment, and service rendered with obedience and self-denial.

This new beginning, although joyful, will not lack headwinds. Father Bahonda spoke of humility as the basic virtue for living obedience. Those who obey are not mistaken but receive the Lord’s blessing. For Jesus, the mission received from the Father, that of saving humanity, was his first concern.

Father Bahonda invited consecrated persons to reflect on their identity, on what motivated them to commit themselves to religious life, and to purify their motivations.

Generally speaking, the greatest obstacles to following Christ are not to be found on the journey or in the places where we are sent, but in our own hearts, which are full of likes and dislikes, preferences, demands, pretexts and excessive ambitions that push us to do what everyone else is doing and can sometimes hinder our steps or lead us to abandon the path of the Lord.

Let us be convinced that we have chosen the better part by choosing to follow Christ and serve him. Our world today needs virtuous religious who draw others to holiness.

After the Eucharist, we shared a fraternal meal with our guests and Father Triest’s children. Our joy was immense.

Sisters Agathe Kiena and Jacqueline Misenga

Perpetual professions in Sri Lanka and the Congo

Sri Lanka

On 8th December 2023, Sisters Rasamary Rasaratnam and Thilini Fernando made their final commitment as a Sister of Charity of Jesus and Mary (SCJM) during a Eucharistic celebration at St. Joseph’s Convent, Kegalle. The chief celebrant was Rev. Fr. Shamindra Jayawardana, the Prior of the Benedictines.

Sister Thilini Fernando shares with us her experience of the preparation for the final vows:

Even before the world was made, God had already chosen us to be His, through our union with Christ, so that we would be holy and without fault before Him. (Eph 1:4)

I too have kept this word in my life. Seven years ago, I decided to follow Christ according to the SCJM’s lifestyle. Living my life as a junior sister; I received many opportunities to deepen my relationship with Jesus, to witness to the primacy of God’s love, to serve God’s people and to live the spirit of ’Cor Unum Anima Una’ in the communities. I was able to forgo my old patterns through renewal programmes, retreats and days of recollection.

The moment has arrived for me to wholeheartedly and willingly commit myself to God’s eternal grace. I respond to God’s call freely and with utmost sincerity, bidding farewell to the world as I embark on this spiritual journey. Sister Rasamary and I started our preparation programme in September. Under the guidance of Sister Pradeepika Perera, our Junior Mistress, we spent the day delving into a profound and transformative experience of the burning bush encounter. It was a spiritually enriching journey that left a lasting impact on all of us. I could find myself in Moses. I too was reluctant to say yes to God at times because of my weakness. But God has put me into his plans.

We had sessions on inner healing, to re-evaluate the consecrated life, to have effective community living and fruitful ministry, and affective maturity. We were open to the present context of religious life and to live life to the fullest. We had different experiences with the people who are suffering due to various reasons, such as landless people, people who have lost their loved ones due to the Easter attack. We grew spiritually, mentally, socially and with values in every session.
We had thirty-day retreat to energize our call. Rev. Fr. Gerald de Rosairo, O.M.I., directed us to focus on ourselves, our charism, and the humanness of Jesus. We revisited our charism in a deeper way. I could see Jesus as a human in his mission. I felt the need for conversion to adapt myself according to the present context. Rev. Fr. Gerald repeatedly said: “This retreat is not to discern your vocation but to energize you to journey with him”. I can say that I realized Jesus is the hub in the cycle wheel of my life. God’s love is my inner source.

The long-awaited day came for us to say yes to the Lord for all eternity. It was 8th of December 2023. We had the Holy Eucharistic celebration at St. Joseph Convent, Kegalle. Our families, Sisters and Priests join with us to praise and thank God. Rev. Fr. Shamindra Jayewardene mentioned in his homily: “You have a beautiful charism which is ‘God is love’. You are to witness to the primacy of God’s love in your life according to your call”. We promised to God to live our life to the fullest with the heavenly blessings.

I thank God for His accompaniment and presence at all times in my life. I thank our families, formators, Sisters who have helped me to be who I am today. I thank Rev. Sr. Jayakody Visuvasam, former Junior Mistress and Rev. Sr. Pradeepika Perera who were God’s instruments to help us make full pledge in SCJM family.

Sister Thilini Fernando



Celebration of Perpetual Vows and Silver Jubilee in Kananga

From left to right: Sisters Rosalie Kapinga, Angèle Benabiabo and Elisabeth Kanku

On Friday 15th December 2023, the Province of Saint Bernard celebrated the perpetual vows of Sisters Rosalie Kapinga and Elisabeth Kanku, and the silver Jubilee of Sister Julienne Mputu, in the Pro-Cathedral of Saint-Clément in Kananga, Kasai-Central in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Mass was celebrated by Mgr Kasanda Lumembo Léonard, Bishop Emeritus of Luiza.

At the call of the Provincial Superior, Sisters Rosalie and Elisabeth moved forward while dancing, expressing their "Yes" to willingly follow Christ. Their parents accompanied them, holding lighted lamp and candle, symbols of Christ as the Light of the world. They wished them to become other Christs, to be at the service of anyone they meet.

It was with great joy that the sisters expressed their sense of belonging to the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary (SCJM) as full members. They did not hesitate to express before the people of God their willingness to love and serve the least of their brothers and sisters, even unto death. In this way, they paraphrased St Paul when he said: "... Neither death nor life, nor any other creature, will be able to separate us from the love of Christ...".

From left to right: Sisters Julienne Mputu and Angèle Benabiabo

Strengthened by this passage, Sisters Rosalie and Elisabeth pronounced their perpetual vows to God before the Church, Sister Angèle Benabiabo, Provincial Superior and delegated by the Superior General.

This great event brought together several sisters from our different communities.

Sister Julienne Mputu received her diploma of fidelity and the blessing sent by Pope Francis on the occasion of her silver Jubilee.

After the celebration, the participants in the mass - students, parents, consecrated persons and collaborators - were invited to share a festive meal in the main hall of the Buena Muntu secondary School. Father Triest’s friends were also honoured in their dining room, where they were served. We congratulate our three sisters and wish them perseverance in the Lord’s vineyard.

Sister Julienne Elameji

Final Profession – Ranchi Province

December 2023

“Praise the Lord O my soul, all my inmost being praise His Holy name.” (Ps. 103:1)

During the last six months of our tertianship, God has been so good to us; it was a chance to know him, love him and to be with him. With these experiences, we could respond to God whole heartedly on 7th December 2023, as we were eagerly waiting to commit our whole life to God. We the fifteen tertians: Srs Prabha Kullu, Jyoti Kerketta, Shashi Baa, Anshu Bage, Anju Tirkey, Sonia Toppo, Lalitha Cherowa, Lalitha Nagetia, Reema Kujur, Alka Tete, Anima Kujur, Magdali Horo, Anjana Lakra, Sushana Nayak and Binsi Sanga, fully convinced, offered ourselves totally to God for his service. We began the day with a beautiful and meaningful prayer service led by Sister Lilly Mary Pallipurathu. We were moved with unexplainable emotions and felt the hand of Jesus holding us gently. We remained in a recollected mood till all the ceremonies were over, though we were so excited to meet our family members.

The Holy Mass and the profession ceremony began at 9.30 am. It was beautiful and simple yet powerful. We were led to the altar with a beautiful entrance dance by the postulants and hostellers of Nirmala College. The main celebrant was Archbishop Rev. Felix Toppo SJ, Archbishop of Ranchi Archdiocese, assisted by more than twenty priests. Our parents, relatives, and many other religious joined us to us of assure their prayerful support and share our joy. The beautiful hymns and the music performed by some of the student sisters and the hostellers, led by Sisters Magi and Manjula Kullu, were excellent and uplifted our spirit to God in prayer and worship.

The Archbishop’s homily was mainly focused on the three vows of the consecrated life. He said: “Committing one’s life totally to God is a spiritual journey with God which is unique and the most important step in religious life. In the spiritual journey, we have to face several challenges and the impediment may arise, whether it may be spiritual, mental, or physical, it may be from God himself or from the evil spirit. To be united with God, we need God’s grace and strength.” It was inspiring and through this strong message, we feel more convinced of our call.

Filled with happiness and joy and with conviction, we pronounced the three vows and we received the blessed ring from Sister Sushma Beck, our Provincial Superior, with a committed heart, love and faithfulness to God. We are strengthened and empowered to carry out the Charism of our Congregation.

When the Mass got over with the recessional dance we were taken to the stage to celebrate the day. All the SCJMs came forward and wished us with hugs and kisses and garlands. Then we were sent to our family members and they wished us in our tribal cultural way. All enjoyed the delicious lunch which was lovingly prepared by Sister Shobha and her team.

We are indeed very grateful to Sister Lilly who has been accompanying us and the Nirmala College community for all that they have been to us during the last six months. We pray that God may always bless them with all the necessary graces. We are also very grateful to all the SCJMs and all those who have helped us in one way or the other in our life journey. May God bless each one of you.

Sister Binsi Sanga

News from the Generalate

November 2023

The Generalate Community is still waiting for the three members of the General Government who are still in the process of obtaining visas for Belgium. They are Sisters Béatrice Tshilemba, Suman Anima Toppo and Mary Joseph Valiankal.

  • Sister Gladys Sandhu of the Delhi Province has arrived in Vietnam to replace Sister Suman. We wish her a fruitful apostolate with the young sisters. Sister Suman is leaving for Delhi, India, on 3 December, where she will begin the process of applying for a visa for Belgium. Sister Roshni Barla will also be a member of the Region of Vietnam after her home visit.
  • On 4/11/2023, Sister Sushma Beck was appointed Provincial Superior of the Ranchi Province, replacing Sister Mary Joseph Valiankal. Sister Albina Mundu has joined the Provincial Leadership Team as Provincial Councillor.
  • The novices of the International African Novitiate in Mali are at the end of their apostolic experiences in the various communities of the Region of Mali. Sister Cécile Ndaya has been appointed Mistress of Novices at the International African Novitiate, replacing Sister Julienne Kiangudimosi. We are grateful to Sister Julienne for the sacrifices she has made in accompanying the novices, and we wish Sister Cécile a warm welcome to the Novitiate and a good mission among the young people.
  • Sister Thérèse Kapemb Nambay from the Province of Saint Vincent de Paul in the Democratic Republic of Congo has arrived in the Province of Sri Lanka for her long-awaited missionary experience. We wish her a good apostolate.
  • On the Sunday of the Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe, the Generalate Community welcomed Mr Johan, who has worked for over 33 years with the SCJM in Dilbeek, where the 2023 General Chapter was held. He was accompanied by Sister Birgit Goslain. This meeting brought us much joy. We shared a fraternal meal and renewed our thanks to Johan for the many services he had rendered during the 2023 General Chapter.
  • From 27 to 30/11/2023, some members of the community had the opportunity to take part in the webinar on communication organised by the UISG (International Union of Superiors General). Various topics were covered: initial formation and digital culture, digital discernment, organising a communications office, etc.
  • On 30/11/2023, on the feast of Saint André, the installation of Mgr Luc Terlinden, the new Bishop of Malines-Bruxelles as the fourth Bishop of the diocese to the Belgian Armed Forces, took place. Some members of the community were present at the Cathedral of Saint-Jacques-sur-Coudenberg in Brussels to attend the installation Mass.
  • The Provinces/Regions/Communities are busy holding the second session of their Provincial/Regional/Local Chapter. In this regard, Sister Lucy Jacob will be travelling to Ireland this Sunday 3 December to facilitate the Regional Chapter of the Anglo-Irish Region. She will be accompanied by Sister Kim-Chi Duong. We wish Sister Lucy and Sister Kim-Chi a safe journey and the capitulants a fruitful Chapter. We accompany them with our prayers.

The enriching experience of the first profession

The Divine Call is a rare gift of God, a priceless pearl indeed. Throughout human history, even in other religions, many chosen people, stirred by the Spirit, dedicate their lives to the Divine, according to how they perceive it.

As for us who are rooted and knitted in the Catholic faith, "Call" is a grace bestowed on the person chosen by God to follow Him intimately. A regular system is designed to live out one’s religious vocation. From the early times of the Christian faith, following Christ more intimately has been practiced by men and women.

On the peaceful cool day of October 21st, the Province of Pakistan witnessed a new induction of another young member in the province. It was indeed a day of immense joy for the SCJM (Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary) Community.

After five years of direction, guidance personal reflection and discernment, "Rimsha Alec" (our 2nd year Novice) felt prepared to pronounce her First Vows publicly. In our Province, as per our culture, two days are set to celebrate the event.

1. Hair Cutting Ritual

On 20th October 2023, during evening prayer, the traditional Offertory Ceremony of Hair Cutting was held. In our culture, a woman’s hair is directly associated with female beauty. Consider hair as the sacred gift of God, it is kept covered. When a person wishes to dedicate her whole life to God, she willingly sacrifices it to God. She is now ready to lead another state of life. This ceremony is held to highlight the fact that before pronouncing her religious vows, a novice is ready to surrender herself fully to God. Her choice is to follow Christ’s footsteps in simplicity and dedication. Joyfully she looks forward to entering the SCJM religious family and accepting to live a life of grace.

At the ceremony, all the formees were deeply touched by the self-surrender of Rimsha.

2. The Celebration

On the 20th of October 2023 evening, the Lahore Community joined us, and we enjoyed the celebration with songs of joy and happiness.

3. Reception Ceremony

On the 21st of October 2023 morning, the Reception Ceremony was performed in the convent chapel. Rimsha was led to the chapel by the Formation Community where she was welcomed by the Provincial and Lahore Community at the entrance gate. The Reception Liturgy was based on the prayer of Father Triest: "O God, grant me the abiding strength to make you present in this world, and be a herald of your Good News."
The flame of a burning candle, with outstretched hands, was offered with this prayer to God.

During the liturgy, the religious habit and the book of the Constitutions were given to Rimsha. She then changed her clothes and entered a new phase of her life. She is now addressed by the new title of "Sister". She embraces her role to be a sister to all.

4. Religious Vows

At 5:00 p.m. a group of SCJM family, priests, and religious of different congregations, together with Rimsha’s family, gathered in the Convent Chapel to attend the Holy Mass, during which Rimsha pronounced her first vows. The liturgy was very meaningful and the choir was superb. The sermon was preached by the Vicar General, Father Asif Sardar. He highlighted our need to adapt the values of the Gospel and to carry these values in our attitudes and by our service of compassion. Our being is to be the Good News to all.

After the Holy Mass, all the participants proceeded to the Sacred Heart Hall where the cake-cutting ceremony took place and a festive meal was served.

There had been many striking and heart-touching moments. We continue praying for Sister Rimsha, that she remains steadfast in her vocation as Sister of Charity of Jesus and Mary.

Sister Zakia Jamal SCJM


4 November 2023

BLESSINGS SHARED, HOPE AFLAME, was the theme of the celebration of this 19th SCJM Legazpi-Triest Apostolate anniversary and the 220th anniversary of the Foundation of the SCJM!

In gratefulness to God for His presence, His unconditional love and mercy, the Sisters and the team celebrated the event in a meaningful and collaborative way. This was organized by the Sisters, together with the Friends of Fr. Triest, Associates and the youth – Triest Cell Shepherding Team (CST). The event was supposed to be graced by the Bishop of Legazpi, Most. Rev. Joel Z. Baylon, D.D., and City Mayor, Honorable Gie Rosal. However, there was a national event-retreat of all the bishops and priests in the country. Thus, they could not attend the celebration. Two priests were present that night, and it was a blessing! The Holy Family sisters from Sorsogon, Benedictine sisters, Good Shepherd sisters and Sagrada Familia, Fr. Charles, Bro. Mauro and a few residents were also there to celebrate with us. There were professors from Bicol University, Heads from the Bureau of Internal Revenue, teachers, friends and sponsors, donors, and the Friends of Fr. Triest. Of course, the Triest Cell Shepherding Team (CST) youth and Scholars led by Jane de Claro, who were performing in collaboration with the Theresians children from St. Raphael the Archangel Parish, led by Melen Marfil, were also there.

It was an awe-inspiring night and dinner with people from various sectors. It was a miracle that happened that day, and the impossible scenario turned out into possibilities and opportunities for everyone to share talents, giftedness, time and energy, diversity… and being present at that moment was indeed remarkable. It was successful because of the teamwork, collaborative effort, and joyful and creative approach to everything, from the presentation, technical aspect, meal, the venue arrangement, to the coordination of different offices and of course the people who were of great support, and unconditionally shared their blessings to achieve the success of the said event. Despite of many challenges that took place, it was a very empowering moment for all of us. As Sister Swarna shared in her speech: “It was a night full of insights and inspiration, when everyone was welcome on this very significant occasion to celebrate with us in this fund-raising event, the 220 years of SCJM congregation and the 19 years of Triest apostolate with the theme “Blessings Shared, Hope Aflame”.

We thank everyone for their presence, unconditional love and support to the SCJM Triest apostolate throughout the years of serving our sisters and brothers in need. We cherish this moment of grace of being with each other in this event, witnessing to the primacy of God’s love, and rejoice because He loves us so much. The candles were lit and together we asked the intercession of Fr. Peter Joseph Triest to keep God’s love burning in our hearts, like spiritual altars; remembering his very words: “Give, and it shall be given to you”.

At the end of the presentation, Mrs. Salome Yanzon (one of the pioneer Friends of Fr. Triest Associate) highlighted the words of Fr. Triest: “Love is the origin; Service is the way; Complete care is the method; Joy of the Resurrection is the perspective”; recognizing the image of God in every child endowed with gifts and values, with the right to live with dignity and be supported in every way for her/his well-being and to become productive citizen/person in the society. She also thanked everyone for their shared presence and blessings at the event.

United with all the SCJM, the General Team and all the sisters all over the world, in love, prayers, encouragement and constant team-spirit support, we cherish this moment with gratefulness to God for His presence in our journey and mission here in Legazpi, Philippines. Deus Caritas Est.

Sister Madelene B. Nueza, SCJM

Foundation Day

Generalate News: August – October 2023


Our life in the Generalate, after the Chapter, has been a series of small and not so small events. The past two months witnessed a beehive of activity, balanced with holidays, retreats, and getting connected to events taking place all around us.

  • We welcomed sisters who stayed back after the chapter to visit their families and friends. Their company brought in much joy and dynamism to us. It was also an opportunity to meet with some of their family members.
  • The post chapter works kept us busy for some days, which included clearing the chapter location, putting away the things used, bundling up things for future use, etc.
  • After having completed the immediate works of the secretariat, Sr. Kim Chi, on 15 August, took off for a well-deserved break, which included a retreat and some days with her family members in France. She returned on 04 September.
  • Sr. Angélique Dikete was delegated to visit the Inter-African Novitiate, Mali, to attend to an exigency there. She left on 18th August, spent some days in Mali during which time she also made her annual retreat along with the Sisters of the Region. She then proceeded to Congo for a long-awaited holiday with the family, returning to Brussels on 6th October.
  • The month of September and part of October saw Sr. Cécile Ndaya and Sr. Sylvia Chabala taking off to Wépion, the Jesuit Retreat Centre, to make their annual retreat, Sr. Marie Louise spending some days of rest and relaxation with her family members and Srs. Lucy Jacob, Rosily Mathew and Valsam Jose having some refreshing time at the seaside in Kolsijde.
  • The diocese of Brussels-Malines is blessed with a new Bishop in the person of Mgr. Luc Terlinden. Some of the members of the community were at the Cathedral in Malines to witness his consecration on 03 September.
  • Almost every week of the last two months, we were fortunate enough to be able to follow a number of webinars on various topics like Conversations on Synodal themes, Pastoral Reflections on Social Media, the Challenges of Energy Transition, and the like. We were also there online for the release of Pope Francis’ Laudate Deum and participated at the ecumenical prayer service that marked the official opening of the Synod.
  • All along, the outgoing members of the General Council were also busy getting ready for the handing over: classifying and filing documents, discarding/shredding what is not required, preparing reports, etc.
  • The actual handing over was done on 09-11 October. This had to be done online as the incoming members are yet to arrive. The latter will require much time to obtain their visa and other travel documents and it is not yet known when they can be in Brussels.
  • On 16th October, the outgoing members, namely Srs. Deepthika, Roshni and Cécile, have left to return to their respective provinces. Before they resume active ministry, each of them will have a well-deserved holiday with their family members. A time for a refresher program also is foreseen in the course of 2024.
  • At the moment, Srs. Rosily and Kim Chi are on a mission in Vietnam. They are expected to return by the end of this month.
  • As the different units of the Congregation will soon be holding the second session of their chapters, let us remain united with them in prayer. May the message of General Chapter 2023 find its concrete expression in the specific contexts of our life in the various parts of the world and may our presence there make a positive difference!

Jubilees and perpetual vows in Mbujimayi


September 17 was a special day for us SCJM in Mbujimayi. It was marked by the celebration of the platinum jubilee of Sister Hyacinthe Nganza Nkongolo, the silver jubilee of Sister Marie-Thérèse Nzeba Luboya and the perpetual vows of Sister Céline Kayiba Mukendi.

The thanksgiving Mass took place at 10.00 am at Saint Gérard Parish in Bipemba. It was presided over by His Excellency Bishop Emmanuel-Bernard Kasanda, the local Ordinary, and concelebrated by around thirty priests. In his homily, based on the readings for the 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time in liturgical year A, His Excellency emphasised the importance of forgiveness given and received.

After Mass, a festive meal was offered to the guests in the hall of the hostel for girls of the Missionary Sisters of Christ the King.

The Provincial gives the ring to Sr. Céline


Sr. Céline and her parents


Mgr. Kasanda congratulates Sr. Céline

Sister Carine Kupela

Professions and jubilees in Kimpese and Ranchi

July 2023

Perpetual vows and jubilees in the Province of Saint Bernard, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Every year, God gives us a taste of the infinite graces he bestows on those he freely calls to His service.

This year, we had the joy of celebrating the perpetual vows of Sister Henriette Linda and Sister Honorine Kusiamina, and the various jubilees: 25 years of Sister Agnès Ntumba and Sister Mathilde Ilongo; 50 years of Sister Marie Louise Masuku and 75 years of Sister Vincentia Muayi.

The Eucharistic celebration took place at 9.30 am on 1st July 2023 in Kimpese, presided over by Mgr. André Giraud Pindi, Bishop of the Diocese of Matadi.

From left to right: Sr. Honorine Kusiamina, Sr. Angèle Benabiabo (Provincial Superior) and Sr. Henriette Kinda

Some of the highlights of his homily:

Vocation is defined as a call from God to a person and the free response of the latter to the call he/she receives. God calls whom He wills, when He wills, where He wills and how He wills.

Jesus comes to meet us just as we are, to make us his servants, ready to work for the coming of his reign and the salvation of mankind. We are therefore called to trust him.
Being aware that we are not worthy before God will keep us away from the sin of self-sufficiency, self-determination and pride, and bring us closer to humility, empathy and the love of service given freely.

Recognising that we are unworthy but chosen will help us to build communities where members live together in understanding, dialogue and mutual support; communities where prayer and worship are lived out with great faith.

To be a disciple of Christ requires a radical and daily choice, a total and exclusive love; a passion for Christ and a passion for mankind.

From left to right : Sr. Marie Louise Masuku (50), Sr. Angèle Benabiabo (Provincial Superior), Sr. Agnès Ntumba (25) and Sr Vincentia Muayi (75) in the wheelchair.

Sister Angèle Benabiabo

First Profession 2023 - Ranchi Province

July 9th was a red letter day for the entire SCJMs (Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary), especially of Ranchi province. Four of our senior novices - Alice Kerketta, Anupa Kullu, Anjulia Pradhan and Beronika Bara celebrated their first profession of vows. The profession ceremony was held at Sacred Heart School Hulhundu. The Eucharistic celebration began at 10 am with a beautiful entrance dance by the novices and postulants while the new brides accompanied by Sister Mary Joseph, the Provincial and Sister Rashmi Kerketta, our Novice Mistress, Priests and the Archbishop, went in procession to the altar. As they reached, they placed lit lamp on the altar as a symbol of surrendering themselves to God. The welcome address was given by Sister Sushma Beck, one of the provincial councilors.

His Grace Rt. Rev. Felix Toppo SJ, Arch Bishop of Ranchi Archdiocese, was the main celebrant. The theme of the day was ‘You are precious to me’. Following the proclamation of the Gospel, the novices were examined by the Archbishop. He then gave an inspiring homily in his simple and yet profound manner. After the homily, the main part of the profession ceremony began. The novices pronounced the vows with conviction and courage before the faithful present, after which each of them received the SCJM cross from the Arch Bishop as a sign of their belongingness to Christ.

Indeed, it was a day of joy and gladness. Many SCJMs family members and relatives of the newly professed were present there to witness this event. The hall was beautifully decorated by the creative sisters of Fatima community and the novices. The hymns prepared for the event sung by Sister Alexia and team were melodious and added meaning to the Eucharistic celebration. The vote of thanks was proposed by Sister Anupa, one of the newly professed sisters.

After the Eucharistic celebration, the newly professed sisters cut the cake and Sister Mary sweetened their mouth while the choir kept singing the congratulation song. Finally, everyone enjoyed the festive meal prepared by Sister Davies and her team.

Sister Elsy Cherian

Professions and clothing ceremony in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mali

June 2023

Perpetual and temporary vows in Lubumbashi

The 187th death anniversary of our beloved Founder, Reverend Father Joseph Triest, had a special character with the taking of temporary and perpetual vows by nine sisters in our Province of Saint Vincent de Paul.

It was a double ceremony in the same celebration. Sister Isabelle Ilunga, Provincial Superior, as delegate of the Superior General, first received the temporary vows of our seven novices: Henriette KYEUSI KUBELEZANGA, Marie-Brigitte KANKANA KATUMBA, Nathalie BABI MUKUASA, Ornella KABULO KABULO, Sabine NTENSYA KABENZE, Agnès MUMBA KANYAMPA and Madeleine KABEDI MAKOLO, and then the perpetual vows of Sisters Florence BANZE MANDE and Nathalie NDOMBELA KANKU.

PNG - 3.1 MiB

Newly professed sisters: from left to right
Standing: Sisters Nathalie Babi, Ornella Kabulo, Sabine Ntensya, Henriette Kyeusi
Seated: Sisters Marie-Brigitte Kankana, Agnès Mumba and Madeleine Kabedi

New perpetually professed sisters
From left to right: Sisters Florence Banze and Nathalie Ndombela

This beautiful Eucharistic celebration took place in the church of Notre-Dame de la Paix, Gécamines at 9:00 am, and was presided over by Monsignor Dénis MOTO, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Lubumbashi, surrounded by a dozen priests who had come from various parishes in the archdiocese for the occasion.

In his homily, Bishop Dénis MOTO focused on the figure of John the Baptist, whose nativity the Church was celebrating. “Like John the Baptist”, he said, “we are all called to be witnesses to Christ, to shun lies, slander and deceit, to live in truth and bear witness with our whole lives.”

He went on to reassure the youngest, who are taking temporary vows, of the ecclesial concern in these words: "There is still a long way to go, and we ask the Lord to grant you much grace so that one day you will be able to celebrate perpetual vows, Silver Jubilee, Golden Jubilee, etc. But the important thing is not the number of years but the quality of religious life. The important thing is to live an intimate and profound relationship with Jesus. It is this intimacy with Christ that will have repercussions on others and on the world". And to those who make their perpetual vows: "You are making a commitment for ever, you will not be alone, all of us will support you with our poor prayers. The sisters will also accompany you.”

After Mass, a festive meal was served for all the guests in the P. J. Triest room at the Tshondo Secondary School. It was a wonderful feast!

PNG - 2.4 MiB

Sister Véronique Nyindu

First profession and clothing ceremony at Kimpese, in the Province of Saint Bernard

On 24 June 2023, the celebration of the clothing of seventeen postulants, nine from the Province of Saint Vincent de Paul, six from the Province of Saint Bernard and two from the Region of Mali, and the first profession of four novices took place in Kimpese. For some years now, this celebration has had the distinct honour of coinciding with the death anniversary of the Reverend Peter Joseph Triest, Founder and Inspirer of this vision which guides the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary throughout the world and continues to attract young generations all through the years.

JPEG - 258.9 KiB

The postulants before the clothing

To understand and grasp the secret of the fruitfulness of his life and mission, we need to refer to the evangelical radicalism to which Christ, Eternal Wisdom and Word of God, invites us: "If anyone comes to me and does not prefer me to his father, mother, wife, children, brothers and sisters, even to his own life, he cannot be my disciple. Whoever does not carry his cross and walk behind me cannot be my disciple... In the same way, he who does not renounce all his possessions cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14: 26-27.33)

JPEG - 235.1 KiB

From left to right : Sr. Rebecca Lusamba, Sr. Sophie Kalela, Sr. Robertine Nduata and Sr. Chanceline Nsansi

Let us allow God to shape us into his image, so that we can live out love in our daily lives. May love become our identity, our life and the reason of our being.

May the Virgin Mother accompany us on this path of a renewed ‘Yes’ to God.

JPEG - 234.3 KiB

Sister Angèle Benabiabo


First profession and jubilee in Mali

God is at work, and we have received grace upon grace. The Lord has worked wonders for us. Holy is his name!

On 25 June 2023, God filled us with joy through the gift of our three young professed sisters: Sister Providence Kunsongi Vakanda, Sister Blandine Ntumba Kayenga and Sister Rita Masangu Banza, who made their first vows in San, Mali, and our two Jubilee Sisters: Sister Henriette Mulanga Kabengele and Sister Monique Mutshiaudi Mukenge, who renewed their fidelity after 25 years in the service of Love.

PNG - 1.4 MiB

From left to right: Sisters Rita Masangu Banza, Blandine Ntumba Kayenga and Providence Kunsongi Vakanda

PNG - 1.1 MiB

From left to right: Sister Monique Mutshiaudi Mukenge and Sister Henriette Mulanga Kabengele

We thank God for the gift of our religious vocation. May Father Triest help us to grow in numbers and in virtue.

Sister Rose Meta

Happy Feast !

Recent news

May 2023


The Service of Documentation and Study on Global Mission (SEDOS) organised a residential seminar from Monday 01/05/2023 to Friday 05/05/2023, on the theme: "Changing landscape of religious missionary life". Participants could attend it either on site or online.
Sister Roshni Barla and Sister Anne-Marie Dhooghe took part in this seminar in Rome and some members of the Generalate community attended it online.

Jubilee in Ghent

As you know, every year we celebrate the jubilees of our sisters in Ghent. This year, ten sisters from Europe celebrated their 75th, 70th and 60th jubilees, including three sisters from Dutch-speaking Region, three sisters from Belgian South Community and four sisters from Anglo-Irish Region.

On 13/05/2023, three jubilarians - Sister Françoise Bedoret (70 years of religious life), from Belgian South Community, Sister Lieve Ghijs (60 years of religious life) and Sister Rina Van Den Bempt (60 years of religious life), both from Dutch-speaking Region, were present at the celebration at the Mother House in Ghent. The other jubilarians could not attend the celebration due to their state of health.

A good number of sisters were present, including Sister Elizabeth Roche and Sister Helen O’Brien from Anglo-Irish Region. The celebration began with the Eucharist, presided over by Bishop Lode Van Hecke of Ghent. After Mass, the congregation sang their way to the refectory, where a fraternal meal was offered to all.

After the meal, Sister Lucy Jacob, Superior General, addressed a few words of congratulations and encouragement to the jubilarians, emphasising listening as one of the most important aspects of the journey together. This was followed by the presentation of gifts to each of them.
We extend our warmest congratulations to our jubilarians.

Please click here to see photos of the celebration.

General Treasurer’s visit

Sister Rosily Mathew travelled to Rwanda to visit the ministries and communities of the Vice-Province of Our Lady of Kibeho.
We wish her a successful mission and a pleasant stay in Rwanda.


Professions in Rwanda

On Saturday 13/05/2023, the Vice-Province of Our Lady of Kibeho had the joy of celebrating the profession of perpetual vows of Sister Marie Uwambajimana and temporary vows of Sisters Marie Stella Habonimana and Marie Fronille Uwamahirwe. The Eucharistic celebration took place in Ndera Parish and was presided over by His Eminence Cardinal Antoine Kabanda.

From left to right: Sisters Marie Fronille Uwamahirwe, Marie Stella Habonimana, Marie Uwambajimana

The Eucharist and profession ceremony were conducted in the local language, i.e. in Kinyarwanda, in order to be in communion with the families of the sisters and the whole Christian assembly. We congratulate Sister Mary Paul, our Vice-Provincial, for her effort to speak in Kinyarwanda during all the ceremony.

JPEG - 182.2 KiB

During the Mass, Sister Athanasie Mukangoga, one of the Councillors, was at the side of Sister Mary Paul, Vice Provincial. Sister Colette Uwamahoro was the Mistress of Ceremonies (MC), Sister Josephine Sieta was the ceremonialist, Sister Marie-Claire was in charge of the liturgy, Sister Teresa Le decorated the church.

JPEG - 138 KiB

After the mass, we headed to the multi-purpose hall of our Mother Placid School Complex for a fraternal meal.

After the guests had settled in, His Eminence, Cardinal Antoine Kambanda, entered the hall, accompanied by Sister Mary Paul, Vice-Provincial Superior. They were welcomed with Indian music and an Indian dance performed by Sisters Nisha, Isabella, Teresa Le, Francine, Janvière and Félicité.

After the prayer and the blessing of the meal, the cardinal, the vice-provincial and the newly professed sisters cut the cake. In the meantime, the table was ready and the MC invited us to help ourselves. We joyfully shared the festive meal, accompanied by music and dancing.

Sister Joséphine Sieta

Final Professions in India

Province of Delhi

Roja and Dipti said “YES” to the Lord!

The Lord said to me, I chose you before I gave you life, and before you were born I selected you to be a prophet to the nations” (Jer. 1:4-5). These words of the Lord to prophet Jeremiah have come true in the lives of our dear Sisters Roja Gopanaboina and Dipti Kerketta. The words of the Lord who called and chose them to fulfill a special purpose for Him and his people have been fulfilled on 10th February 2023, when they said their final “Yes” to Him. I believe that their mission will continue in the footsteps of the Lord with greater enthusiasm and zeal. The Lord has been and is faithful to them and they in turn grew in His love and service and accepted Him as their sole Master.

The SCJM (Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary) family and Delhi province in particular join you, dear Sisters, in praising and thanking the Lord for the gift of yourselves to the Congregation, the Church and the society.

JPEG - 238.6 kb

The Final Profession ceremony that took place on 10th February 2023 started at 11.30 a.m. with a devotional and prayerful dance as the choir intoned the entrance hymn. Sisters Roja and Dipti were led to the altar in procession accompanied by their parents, Sr. Lucy Emmanuel, our Provincial Superior, Sr. Moly Augustine, the Tertian Mistress and His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Agnelo Rufino Gracias, the Apostolic Administrator of Jalandhar Diocese, the main celebrant and other con-celebrant priests from the diocese and elsewhere.

JPEG - 206.8 kb

Bishop Agnelo gave a homily befitting to the occasion based on the theme chosen for the Eucharist, “Called to serve the most vulnerable” in reference to the parable of the "Good Samaritan". The melodious singing, offertory procession, doxology at the elevation, etc. made the Eucharistic celebration more solemn and meaningful. The presence of the parents and relatives of the two Sisters, a number of parishioners, religious from nearby communities, besides the SCJMs from many communities, added joy to all present, especially Sisters Roja and Dipti.

JPEG - 172.2 kb

After the Eucharistic celebration and the photo session, the two young sisters who committed themselves to the Lord were taken to the dinning place where they cut the cake first and that was followed by a congratulatory song, greetings and wishes. All those who were present for the ceremony partook in the agape. Our dear sisters in Sacred Heart community went out of their way to do everything possible to make it a memorable day for Roja and Dipti. It was a day of blessing for Delhi Province and every SCJM.

We pray that the Lord who held their hands and led them so far continue to lead and guide them. May He accompany them always! Wish you dear Sisters a fruitful ministry wherever you may be placed.

Sister Teresa Thomas

JPEG - 133.4 kb

From left to right: Sisters Dipti Kerketta and Roja Gopanaboina

Video of the profession:


Province of Ranchi

Hearty congratulations to Sisters Apolina Horo, Alka Kujur, Rosline Aind and Premika Lakra who made their final vows on 11th February at Nirmala College Hinoo.

The Final Profession ceremony took place during the Eucharistic celebration which began at 10.30 a.m. with a beautiful entrance dance by the hostel students, while the four Sisters carrying lamps in their hands, accompanied by the Provincial, Sr. Mary Joseph, and her councilor Sr. Sushma Beck, the junior mistress Sr. Albina Mundu, the priests and the Archbishop Most Rev. Felix Toppo SJ, walked in procession to the altar. At the altar, they were welcomed by the traditional aarti and tikka and they placed the burning lamp on the altar as a symbol of their life, surrendering to Christ their spouse. The beautifully decorated auditorium was filled with many SCJMs, family members, invited guests and friends to share the joy, and witness this important event. There was an atmosphere of joy and gladness everywhere and on the faces of everyone.

The welcome address was given by Sr. Sushma Beck, the superior of Nirmala College community. The choir led by Sr. Sushma Ekka, Sr. Rita Beck and Sr. Dayamani Tirkey along with some junior sisters and the hostel girls made the liturgical celebrations more devotional and meaningful. The archbishop gave a very inspiring sermon on the theme of the day: “He who abides in me and I in him bears much fruit” (Jn 15:5b). Just before they pronounced their vows, the Litany of the Saints was sung - imploring them to intercede for these four sisters who were going to commit themselves to God for the rest of their lives. The vows were received by Sr. Mary Joseph the Provincial. After the prayer of consecration was the ceremony of the blessing of the ring and they received the ring from the Provincial with great love, respect and honor. During the offertory, the sisters offered symbolic gifts and prayers to the Lord. After Holy Communion, Sr. Rosline Aind, one of the finally professed sisters, proposed the vote of thanks.

At the end of the Mass, the archbishop and all the priests joined the finally professed sisters for a photograph. As they cut the cake, and sweetened their mouths, the choir sang the Congratulation song, and the felicitation went on for some time, after which everyone proceeded towards the community dining room and enjoyed the agape.

Sister Elsy Cherian

From left to right: Sr. Premika Lakra, Sr. Alka Kujur, Sr. Apolina Horo and Sr. Roseline Aind

Please click here to view the photos of the final profession.

Video of the profession:

Closing of 125 years Jubilee of the Province of Pakistan

The Celebration of 125 years of our Foundation Day was an occasion that brought all the SCJM in the Province home at the Provincialate in Lahore on 3rd February 2023. It was a day to recall a historical era and to enliven the life story of the mission of our sisters in Pakistan, starting from our five pioneers. We believe that to speak of a mission is to re-live in faith the mysterious action of God in all those who formed a part of this history. Hence, the overall tone of the entire program was that of gratitude, affirmation and hope for the future to promote the mission of Jesus for our future generation in this beautiful land.

JPEG - 194.4 KiB

On this day, we were also happy to celebrate fifty years of loving and dedicated service of Sr. Maria Teresa and the silver jubilee of profession of Sr. Elfrieda Inayat and Sr. Rosy Sadiq.

The presence of His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Coutts, His Excellency Christophe Zakia El-Kassis, the Papal Nuncio, the bishops, priests, religious, the families of our jubilarians, and other guests was a great honour and a source of immense joy, encouragement, support and blessing for us all.

The jubilee celebration started with a warm welcome from the sisters and St. Joseph’s hostel girls to the Papal Nuncio, Christophe Zakia El-Kassis, His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Coutts, the bishops, and all the other honorable guests.

At 4:00 pm, the procession for Holy Mass began traditionally by singing the hymn: “I rejoiced when I heard them say, let us go to God’s house”. The Holy Mass was presided over by His Excellency Christophe Zakia El-Kassis, the Papal Nuncio. The homily was given by the Nuncio in which he recalled the outstanding events of our history right from its start in 1897, highlighting our charism of ministering to the needy and vulnerable of our society and our work in education, health care and pastoral ministry. The whole Mass was celebrated solemnly, with beautiful melodious hymns. The Chapel was arranged beautifully and artistically in a befitting manner for the joyful occasion of the 125 years jubilee.

After the Holy Mass, all proceeded to the ground of St. Joseph School, the place where our first sisters touched the holy ground 125 years ago. Here, the second part of the day took place. The venue was decorated magnificently with flowers and dazzling lights.
When all the guests were seated, first of all, our three jubilarians were invited onto the stage to be garlanded. Then there was the opening of the quasquicentennial monument. It was indeed a great honour for us all that His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Coutts blessed the quasquicentennial monument erected on the wall of St. Joseph School where the history of our Province was initiated.

To entertain the audience, various items and cultural dances were performed. An additional attraction of the ground was the Panaflex banners showing the history of SCJM and the services rendered by each community.

The social evening was prepared by the students of St. John’s School, Yohannabad, St. Joseph’s School, Lahore, and St. Mary’s School, Hafizabad.

A very informative Powerpoint presentation prepared by a group of sisters was given, which elaborated the entire history of our Province by showing the dedicated and selfless service of SCJM on the Eastern Soil. Through the presentation, we wished to invite all the guests to walk with us down memory lane of the past 125 years of SCJM history. It was appreciated by all viewers and it also revived our own spirit.

Acknowledging the deep commitment and generous service of our religious leaders, benefactors, lay associates, the teaching and support staff shields were awarded as a token of our gratitude and appreciation.

We thank the Lord for being with us, leading and guiding us at each moment of the jubilee year. It had been a year of grace and renewal, urging us to recommit ourselves in continuing to live the Charism of our Founders ever more fully and enthusiastically.

Junior Sisters

Recent news

17 January 2023

  • Sr. Lucy Jacob, Superior General, and Sr. Angélique Dikete, General Councillor, are in Ranchi province for the installation and animation of the new provincial team of Ranchi province. The installation of the new team took place on 14th January, 2023 during a meaningful prayer service in the provincial house, Ranchi. Many sisters from nearby communities were present to grace the occasion. Some part of the nomination process was done online.

The new leadership team members are:

Sr. Mary Joseph Valiyankal (Provincial Superior)
Sr. Sushma Beck
Sr. Lilly Mary Pallipurathu
Sr. Jessy Joseph Varayankunnel
Sr. Manju Rajkishori Beng
Sr. Victoria Minj

PNG - 3.6 Mb

From left to right: Sr. Victoria Minj, Sr. Sushma Beck, Sr. Mary Joseph Valiyankal (Provincial Superior), Sr. Jessy Joseph Varayankunnel, Sr. Lilly Mary Pallipurathu, and Sr. Manju Rajkishori Beng

Our warmest and most sincere congratulations to Sister Mary Joseph and the councillors for the mission! We thank each one of them for having accepted to take up this responsibility of leadership and wish them a fruitful mission in the Lord’s vineyard.

Srs. Lucy and Angélique are visiting some communities in the province as well and will be back to Generalate, Brussels by 24th January.

Please click here to view the photos of the installation of the new provincial team.

  • The General Councillor, Sr. Cécile Ndaya went to the Community in South Belgium on 11th January. She will be with the sisters in Ave Maria community, St.- Servais for ten days.

News from the Generalate

December 2022

The Generalate community is now complete after a long absence of some members.

  • On 13/11/2022, Sr. Deepthika Silva came back to the Generalate from the Philippines where she went to visit the communities of Legazpi and the International Asian Novitiate. She was also present at the official opening of the International Community of the Sacred Heart in Legazpi.
  • Sr. Angélique Dikete and Sr. Cécile Ndaya came back to the Generalate on 30/11/2022 after having been on mission in the Province of St Vincent de Paul in the D.R. Congo. We hope that the mission accomplished in the Province will bear lasting fruit.
  • After her visit to the Region of Mali, Sr. Rosily Mathew, accompanied by Sr. Valsam Jose, came back to the Generalate on 02/12/2022. We continue to pray for the growth of the Region and for its members.
  • On 10/12/2022, Sr. Lucy Jacob came back to the Generalate after a long stay in Delhi Province where she made her canonical visitation. We hope that her presence has brought new life and vitality to the Province.
  • Sr. Kim-Chi Duong facilitated two online learning sessions on communication for some of our sisters from Asia and Africa who are communicators. Eighteen sisters from Asia participated in the program from 21st to 25/11/2022 and nine sisters from Africa were present at the session from 5th to 9/12/2022.

​​​​​​​JPEG - 215.7 kb

  • On 01/12/2022, Sr. Roshni Barla received the sad news of the death of her father, Mr. Mathias Barla, in Ranchi. She could not attend the funeral as her residence permit had expired and has not yet been renewed. May the Lord grant the deceased a place of honour in his eternal home and console the whole family.

Recent news

November 2022

  • Currently, Sr. Lucy Jacob, our Superior General, is in the Delhi province, India for the canonical visitation of the province. As the province is large and the communities are spread out in the country from north to south and east to west, she has a very busy schedule with many travels. She will be back at the Generalate by 10th December.
  • The General Councillors, Srs. Angélique Dikete and Cécile Ndaya, are delegated on mission in St. Vincent de Paul province, Congo. We wish them a fruitful time. Both of them will be back to the Generalate on 30th November.
  • The official inauguration of the Sacred Heart International Community in Legazpi, Philippines, took place on 4th November. The Holy Mass was presided over by Bishop Rev. Joel Z. Baylon D.D., the bishop of Legazpi. Sr. Deepthika Silva was delegated to be present for the occasion and she left for the Philippines on 1st November. She will also visit the International Asian Novitiate at Tagaytay before returning to Brussels on 13th November.
  • Srs. Valsam Jose and Rosily Mathew are at present making their annual retreat in Wépion, south of Belgium. They have started the retreat on November 7th and will be back by 15th afternoon.
  • A visit of the general bursar, Sr. Rosily, to the region of Mali had to be postponed due to the uncertain situation of the country. Hoping that the situation will get better, it is now scheduled for the 21st of November. She will be accompanied by Sr. Valsam Jose.
  • For health reasons, Sr. Marie Louise has joined the community Melle for a while. We hope to welcome her back soon with renewed strength and vigor.


CARITAS CHRISTI URGET NOS” (The love of Christ impels us - 2Cor. 5:14) was the theme of the Inauguration of the Sacred Heart International Community on November 4, 2022, which was to coincide with the SCJM Foundation Anniversary. It was indeed a remarkable and joyful occasion in the life and mission of SCJM in Legazpi, Philippines.

Prior to this great event, the community had their preparation: cleaning, decorating the chapel, house, dining hall, kitchen, making booklets, logo. The Sisters were helping each other and organized the event with full energy, joy, enthusiasm, and commitment. Sr. Deepthika Silva, General councilor, delegated by Sr. Lucy Jacob arrived on the 2nd of November 2022. Together the sisters were able to plan and arrange everything in a simple yet meaningful celebration.

On the 4th November 2022, the Holy Mass was celebrated, presided by Most. Rev. Bishop Joel Z. Baylon, D. D. (Bishop of Legazpi) at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the Sacred Heart Convent Chapel. Before the mass started, there was an introduction by Sr. Swarna Fernando. It gave a brief historical background of SCJM’s presence in Legazpi, Philippines, and the present context of its conversion into an international community. Sr. Deepthika Silva read the letter of Sr. Lucy Jacob Palliam Pallithura confirming the inauguration of the community and the membership namely; Sr. Swarna Fernando (Local Superior), Sr. Madelene Bibera Nueza, Sr. Anna Le Thi Thuy and Sr. Teresa Nguyen Thi Thuy.

Joining in the said event were the 3 Brothers of Charity and The Friends of Fr. Triest/Associates. The college scholars created a wonderful choir for the mass and the few donors and friends/partners in the mission graced the occasion. The highlight of the day was the AGAPE which everyone enjoyed the shared blessings and gift of each other. Before the departure, Sr. Deepthika gave a token of appreciation to Bishop Baylon on behalf of SCJM. A souvenir key tag with the symbol of the community was distributed to everyone.

Abiding in the spirit of “Cor Unum Anima Una” (One Heart One Soul), the Sacred Heart International Community sojourns together with all the SCJM in the world. In prayer and grateful response to God, may we be Christ on earth as Fr. Peter Joseph Triest confirmed to us all.


Sr. Anna Le Thi Thuy

04 November 2022


“Terhagen” our Motherhouse as it was then!


A house hallowed by the presence of Founder Father Triest, Co-foundress Mother Placide and our Pioneering Sisters!

Let the 219th celebration of our Foundation Day be a celebration of their vision that gave birth to our Congregation!

May we be charged with the same daring faith and

indomitable courage that enabled them to

transcend borders and build bridges!


May God bless us lavishly on this our FOUNDATION DAY and

may we become channels of this blessing to all we meet today!

Sr. Lucy Jacob
Amritsar, India

News from the Generalate

10 October 2022

  • Sr. Lucy Jacob went to Ireland to facilitate the Regional Chapter in Anglo-Irish Region. She was accompanied by Sr. Kim-Chi Duong who was Secretary of the Chapter. They came back to the Generalate on September 21. We thank them for their work with our Sisters and continue to pray for the growth of the Region.

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  • After her visit to the Province of St. Vincent de Paul, Sr. Rosily Mathew went to India for her holiday. We wish her a happy holiday with her mother and the whole family.
  • On 04/10/2022, the Generalate community had the opportunity to watch together « The letter », a Laudato Si’ Movement’s film with Pope Francis. It was a rich experience that invited us to reflect and meditate on the environmental crisis caused by climate change. This leads to the destruction of nature, the sea, vegetation, houses... and the poor are victims.
  • The Generalate community had a visit from Sr. Suzy Spaenhoven who is in Belgium for medical care. She had a good time with the Sisters sharing news from Mali over a fraternal meal. We wish her a good recovery.
  • On 06/10/2022, we were privileged to have the visit of Brother René Stockman, Superior General of the Brothers of Charity. It was an opportunity to learn about the process of beatification of our Founder Peter Joseph Triest and some news. The canonization process of our Founder is going on well, he said. An invitation for us is to continue to pray for this intention. The news was shared over a cup of coffee.
  • On 08/10/2022, the Generalate community made a pilgrimage to Banneux, Belgium. It was an opportunity to bring to our Mother, the Virgin of the Poor, the intentions that each of us had in our hearts. Our Lady of the Poor, pray for our dear Congregation and for our suffering world.

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  • Sr. Lucy will be going to the Province of Delhi in the next few days for the canonical visit. We wish her a good stay and fruitful mission in the Province and assure her of our prayers.

    International Novitiate of Africa (NIA): Sr. Victorine Tshibola has finished her mission in Mali as Novice Mistress by 30/06/2022. We thank her for her service in formation of young novices. She has been replaced by Sr. Julienne Kiangudimosi. We welcome her and wish her a fruitful apostolate. The International Novitiate of Africa (NIA) has sent five second year novices for an exposure in different communities in the Region of Mali. They will have an experience of our SCJM charism in the ministries.

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