Final Professions in India

Province of Delhi

Roja and Dipti said “YES” to the Lord!

The Lord said to me, I chose you before I gave you life, and before you were born I selected you to be a prophet to the nations” (Jer. 1:4-5). These words of the Lord to prophet Jeremiah have come true in the lives of our dear Sisters Roja Gopanaboina and Dipti Kerketta. The words of the Lord who called and chose them to fulfill a special purpose for Him and his people have been fulfilled on 10th February 2023, when they said their final “Yes” to Him. I believe that their mission will continue in the footsteps of the Lord with greater enthusiasm and zeal. The Lord has been and is faithful to them and they in turn grew in His love and service and accepted Him as their sole Master.

The SCJM (Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary) family and Delhi province in particular join you, dear Sisters, in praising and thanking the Lord for the gift of yourselves to the Congregation, the Church and the society.

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The Final Profession ceremony that took place on 10th February 2023 started at 11.30 a.m. with a devotional and prayerful dance as the choir intoned the entrance hymn. Sisters Roja and Dipti were led to the altar in procession accompanied by their parents, Sr. Lucy Emmanuel, our Provincial Superior, Sr. Moly Augustine, the Tertian Mistress and His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Agnelo Rufino Gracias, the Apostolic Administrator of Jalandhar Diocese, the main celebrant and other con-celebrant priests from the diocese and elsewhere.

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Bishop Agnelo gave a homily befitting to the occasion based on the theme chosen for the Eucharist, “Called to serve the most vulnerable” in reference to the parable of the "Good Samaritan". The melodious singing, offertory procession, doxology at the elevation, etc. made the Eucharistic celebration more solemn and meaningful. The presence of the parents and relatives of the two Sisters, a number of parishioners, religious from nearby communities, besides the SCJMs from many communities, added joy to all present, especially Sisters Roja and Dipti.

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After the Eucharistic celebration and the photo session, the two young sisters who committed themselves to the Lord were taken to the dinning place where they cut the cake first and that was followed by a congratulatory song, greetings and wishes. All those who were present for the ceremony partook in the agape. Our dear sisters in Sacred Heart community went out of their way to do everything possible to make it a memorable day for Roja and Dipti. It was a day of blessing for Delhi Province and every SCJM.

We pray that the Lord who held their hands and led them so far continue to lead and guide them. May He accompany them always! Wish you dear Sisters a fruitful ministry wherever you may be placed.

Sister Teresa Thomas

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From left to right: Sisters Dipti Kerketta and Roja Gopanaboina

Video of the profession:


Province of Ranchi

Hearty congratulations to Sisters Apolina Horo, Alka Kujur, Rosline Aind and Premika Lakra who made their final vows on 11th February at Nirmala College Hinoo.

The Final Profession ceremony took place during the Eucharistic celebration which began at 10.30 a.m. with a beautiful entrance dance by the hostel students, while the four Sisters carrying lamps in their hands, accompanied by the Provincial, Sr. Mary Joseph, and her councilor Sr. Sushma Beck, the junior mistress Sr. Albina Mundu, the priests and the Archbishop Most Rev. Felix Toppo SJ, walked in procession to the altar. At the altar, they were welcomed by the traditional aarti and tikka and they placed the burning lamp on the altar as a symbol of their life, surrendering to Christ their spouse. The beautifully decorated auditorium was filled with many SCJMs, family members, invited guests and friends to share the joy, and witness this important event. There was an atmosphere of joy and gladness everywhere and on the faces of everyone.

The welcome address was given by Sr. Sushma Beck, the superior of Nirmala College community. The choir led by Sr. Sushma Ekka, Sr. Rita Beck and Sr. Dayamani Tirkey along with some junior sisters and the hostel girls made the liturgical celebrations more devotional and meaningful. The archbishop gave a very inspiring sermon on the theme of the day: “He who abides in me and I in him bears much fruit” (Jn 15:5b). Just before they pronounced their vows, the Litany of the Saints was sung - imploring them to intercede for these four sisters who were going to commit themselves to God for the rest of their lives. The vows were received by Sr. Mary Joseph the Provincial. After the prayer of consecration was the ceremony of the blessing of the ring and they received the ring from the Provincial with great love, respect and honor. During the offertory, the sisters offered symbolic gifts and prayers to the Lord. After Holy Communion, Sr. Rosline Aind, one of the finally professed sisters, proposed the vote of thanks.

At the end of the Mass, the archbishop and all the priests joined the finally professed sisters for a photograph. As they cut the cake, and sweetened their mouths, the choir sang the Congratulation song, and the felicitation went on for some time, after which everyone proceeded towards the community dining room and enjoyed the agape.

Sister Elsy Cherian

From left to right: Sr. Premika Lakra, Sr. Alka Kujur, Sr. Apolina Horo and Sr. Roseline Aind

Please click here to view the photos of the final profession.

Video of the profession:

Closing of 125 years Jubilee of the Province of Pakistan

The Celebration of 125 years of our Foundation Day was an occasion that brought all the SCJM in the Province home at the Provincialate in Lahore on 3rd February 2023. It was a day to recall a historical era and to enliven the life story of the mission of our sisters in Pakistan, starting from our five pioneers. We believe that to speak of a mission is to re-live in faith the mysterious action of God in all those who formed a part of this history. Hence, the overall tone of the entire program was that of gratitude, affirmation and hope for the future to promote the mission of Jesus for our future generation in this beautiful land.

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On this day, we were also happy to celebrate fifty years of loving and dedicated service of Sr. Maria Teresa and the silver jubilee of profession of Sr. Elfrieda Inayat and Sr. Rosy Sadiq.

The presence of His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Coutts, His Excellency Christophe Zakia El-Kassis, the Papal Nuncio, the bishops, priests, religious, the families of our jubilarians, and other guests was a great honour and a source of immense joy, encouragement, support and blessing for us all.

The jubilee celebration started with a warm welcome from the sisters and St. Joseph’s hostel girls to the Papal Nuncio, Christophe Zakia El-Kassis, His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Coutts, the bishops, and all the other honorable guests.

At 4:00 pm, the procession for Holy Mass began traditionally by singing the hymn: “I rejoiced when I heard them say, let us go to God’s house”. The Holy Mass was presided over by His Excellency Christophe Zakia El-Kassis, the Papal Nuncio. The homily was given by the Nuncio in which he recalled the outstanding events of our history right from its start in 1897, highlighting our charism of ministering to the needy and vulnerable of our society and our work in education, health care and pastoral ministry. The whole Mass was celebrated solemnly, with beautiful melodious hymns. The Chapel was arranged beautifully and artistically in a befitting manner for the joyful occasion of the 125 years jubilee.

After the Holy Mass, all proceeded to the ground of St. Joseph School, the place where our first sisters touched the holy ground 125 years ago. Here, the second part of the day took place. The venue was decorated magnificently with flowers and dazzling lights.
When all the guests were seated, first of all, our three jubilarians were invited onto the stage to be garlanded. Then there was the opening of the quasquicentennial monument. It was indeed a great honour for us all that His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Coutts blessed the quasquicentennial monument erected on the wall of St. Joseph School where the history of our Province was initiated.

To entertain the audience, various items and cultural dances were performed. An additional attraction of the ground was the Panaflex banners showing the history of SCJM and the services rendered by each community.

The social evening was prepared by the students of St. John’s School, Yohannabad, St. Joseph’s School, Lahore, and St. Mary’s School, Hafizabad.

A very informative Powerpoint presentation prepared by a group of sisters was given, which elaborated the entire history of our Province by showing the dedicated and selfless service of SCJM on the Eastern Soil. Through the presentation, we wished to invite all the guests to walk with us down memory lane of the past 125 years of SCJM history. It was appreciated by all viewers and it also revived our own spirit.

Acknowledging the deep commitment and generous service of our religious leaders, benefactors, lay associates, the teaching and support staff shields were awarded as a token of our gratitude and appreciation.

We thank the Lord for being with us, leading and guiding us at each moment of the jubilee year. It had been a year of grace and renewal, urging us to recommit ourselves in continuing to live the Charism of our Founders ever more fully and enthusiastically.

Junior Sisters

Recent news

17 January 2023

  • Sr. Lucy Jacob, Superior General, and Sr. Angélique Dikete, General Councillor, are in Ranchi province for the installation and animation of the new provincial team of Ranchi province. The installation of the new team took place on 14th January, 2023 during a meaningful prayer service in the provincial house, Ranchi. Many sisters from nearby communities were present to grace the occasion. Some part of the nomination process was done online.

The new leadership team members are:

Sr. Mary Joseph Valiyankal (Provincial Superior)
Sr. Sushma Beck
Sr. Lilly Mary Pallipurathu
Sr. Jessy Joseph Varayankunnel
Sr. Manju Rajkishori Beng
Sr. Victoria Minj

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From left to right: Sr. Victoria Minj, Sr. Sushma Beck, Sr. Mary Joseph Valiyankal (Provincial Superior), Sr. Jessy Joseph Varayankunnel, Sr. Lilly Mary Pallipurathu, and Sr. Manju Rajkishori Beng

Our warmest and most sincere congratulations to Sister Mary Joseph and the councillors for the mission! We thank each one of them for having accepted to take up this responsibility of leadership and wish them a fruitful mission in the Lord’s vineyard.

Srs. Lucy and Angélique are visiting some communities in the province as well and will be back to Generalate, Brussels by 24th January.

Please click here to view the photos of the installation of the new provincial team.

  • The General Councillor, Sr. Cécile Ndaya went to the Community in South Belgium on 11th January. She will be with the sisters in Ave Maria community, St.- Servais for ten days.

News from the Generalate

December 2022

The Generalate community is now complete after a long absence of some members.

  • On 13/11/2022, Sr. Deepthika Silva came back to the Generalate from the Philippines where she went to visit the communities of Legazpi and the International Asian Novitiate. She was also present at the official opening of the International Community of the Sacred Heart in Legazpi.
  • Sr. Angélique Dikete and Sr. Cécile Ndaya came back to the Generalate on 30/11/2022 after having been on mission in the Province of St Vincent de Paul in the D.R. Congo. We hope that the mission accomplished in the Province will bear lasting fruit.
  • After her visit to the Region of Mali, Sr. Rosily Mathew, accompanied by Sr. Valsam Jose, came back to the Generalate on 02/12/2022. We continue to pray for the growth of the Region and for its members.
  • On 10/12/2022, Sr. Lucy Jacob came back to the Generalate after a long stay in Delhi Province where she made her canonical visitation. We hope that her presence has brought new life and vitality to the Province.
  • Sr. Kim-Chi Duong facilitated two online learning sessions on communication for some of our sisters from Asia and Africa who are communicators. Eighteen sisters from Asia participated in the program from 21st to 25/11/2022 and nine sisters from Africa were present at the session from 5th to 9/12/2022.

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  • On 01/12/2022, Sr. Roshni Barla received the sad news of the death of her father, Mr. Mathias Barla, in Ranchi. She could not attend the funeral as her residence permit had expired and has not yet been renewed. May the Lord grant the deceased a place of honour in his eternal home and console the whole family.

Recent news

November 2022

  • Currently, Sr. Lucy Jacob, our Superior General, is in the Delhi province, India for the canonical visitation of the province. As the province is large and the communities are spread out in the country from north to south and east to west, she has a very busy schedule with many travels. She will be back at the Generalate by 10th December.
  • The General Councillors, Srs. Angélique Dikete and Cécile Ndaya, are delegated on mission in St. Vincent de Paul province, Congo. We wish them a fruitful time. Both of them will be back to the Generalate on 30th November.
  • The official inauguration of the Sacred Heart International Community in Legazpi, Philippines, took place on 4th November. The Holy Mass was presided over by Bishop Rev. Joel Z. Baylon D.D., the bishop of Legazpi. Sr. Deepthika Silva was delegated to be present for the occasion and she left for the Philippines on 1st November. She will also visit the International Asian Novitiate at Tagaytay before returning to Brussels on 13th November.
  • Srs. Valsam Jose and Rosily Mathew are at present making their annual retreat in Wépion, south of Belgium. They have started the retreat on November 7th and will be back by 15th afternoon.
  • A visit of the general bursar, Sr. Rosily, to the region of Mali had to be postponed due to the uncertain situation of the country. Hoping that the situation will get better, it is now scheduled for the 21st of November. She will be accompanied by Sr. Valsam Jose.
  • For health reasons, Sr. Marie Louise has joined the community Melle for a while. We hope to welcome her back soon with renewed strength and vigor.


CARITAS CHRISTI URGET NOS” (The love of Christ impels us - 2Cor. 5:14) was the theme of the Inauguration of the Sacred Heart International Community on November 4, 2022, which was to coincide with the SCJM Foundation Anniversary. It was indeed a remarkable and joyful occasion in the life and mission of SCJM in Legazpi, Philippines.

Prior to this great event, the community had their preparation: cleaning, decorating the chapel, house, dining hall, kitchen, making booklets, logo. The Sisters were helping each other and organized the event with full energy, joy, enthusiasm, and commitment. Sr. Deepthika Silva, General councilor, delegated by Sr. Lucy Jacob arrived on the 2nd of November 2022. Together the sisters were able to plan and arrange everything in a simple yet meaningful celebration.

On the 4th November 2022, the Holy Mass was celebrated, presided by Most. Rev. Bishop Joel Z. Baylon, D. D. (Bishop of Legazpi) at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the Sacred Heart Convent Chapel. Before the mass started, there was an introduction by Sr. Swarna Fernando. It gave a brief historical background of SCJM’s presence in Legazpi, Philippines, and the present context of its conversion into an international community. Sr. Deepthika Silva read the letter of Sr. Lucy Jacob Palliam Pallithura confirming the inauguration of the community and the membership namely; Sr. Swarna Fernando (Local Superior), Sr. Madelene Bibera Nueza, Sr. Anna Le Thi Thuy and Sr. Teresa Nguyen Thi Thuy.

Joining in the said event were the 3 Brothers of Charity and The Friends of Fr. Triest/Associates. The college scholars created a wonderful choir for the mass and the few donors and friends/partners in the mission graced the occasion. The highlight of the day was the AGAPE which everyone enjoyed the shared blessings and gift of each other. Before the departure, Sr. Deepthika gave a token of appreciation to Bishop Baylon on behalf of SCJM. A souvenir key tag with the symbol of the community was distributed to everyone.

Abiding in the spirit of “Cor Unum Anima Una” (One Heart One Soul), the Sacred Heart International Community sojourns together with all the SCJM in the world. In prayer and grateful response to God, may we be Christ on earth as Fr. Peter Joseph Triest confirmed to us all.


Sr. Anna Le Thi Thuy

04 November 2022


“Terhagen” our Motherhouse as it was then!


A house hallowed by the presence of Founder Father Triest, Co-foundress Mother Placide and our Pioneering Sisters!

Let the 219th celebration of our Foundation Day be a celebration of their vision that gave birth to our Congregation!

May we be charged with the same daring faith and

indomitable courage that enabled them to

transcend borders and build bridges!


May God bless us lavishly on this our FOUNDATION DAY and

may we become channels of this blessing to all we meet today!

Sr. Lucy Jacob
Amritsar, India

News from the Generalate

10 October 2022

  • Sr. Lucy Jacob went to Ireland to facilitate the Regional Chapter in Anglo-Irish Region. She was accompanied by Sr. Kim-Chi Duong who was Secretary of the Chapter. They came back to the Generalate on September 21. We thank them for their work with our Sisters and continue to pray for the growth of the Region.

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  • After her visit to the Province of St. Vincent de Paul, Sr. Rosily Mathew went to India for her holiday. We wish her a happy holiday with her mother and the whole family.
  • On 04/10/2022, the Generalate community had the opportunity to watch together « The letter », a Laudato Si’ Movement’s film with Pope Francis. It was a rich experience that invited us to reflect and meditate on the environmental crisis caused by climate change. This leads to the destruction of nature, the sea, vegetation, houses... and the poor are victims.
  • The Generalate community had a visit from Sr. Suzy Spaenhoven who is in Belgium for medical care. She had a good time with the Sisters sharing news from Mali over a fraternal meal. We wish her a good recovery.
  • On 06/10/2022, we were privileged to have the visit of Brother René Stockman, Superior General of the Brothers of Charity. It was an opportunity to learn about the process of beatification of our Founder Peter Joseph Triest and some news. The canonization process of our Founder is going on well, he said. An invitation for us is to continue to pray for this intention. The news was shared over a cup of coffee.
  • On 08/10/2022, the Generalate community made a pilgrimage to Banneux, Belgium. It was an opportunity to bring to our Mother, the Virgin of the Poor, the intentions that each of us had in our hearts. Our Lady of the Poor, pray for our dear Congregation and for our suffering world.

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  • Sr. Lucy will be going to the Province of Delhi in the next few days for the canonical visit. We wish her a good stay and fruitful mission in the Province and assure her of our prayers.

    International Novitiate of Africa (NIA): Sr. Victorine Tshibola has finished her mission in Mali as Novice Mistress by 30/06/2022. We thank her for her service in formation of young novices. She has been replaced by Sr. Julienne Kiangudimosi. We welcome her and wish her a fruitful apostolate. The International Novitiate of Africa (NIA) has sent five second year novices for an exposure in different communities in the Region of Mali. They will have an experience of our SCJM charism in the ministries.

News Update

Final Professions in India

Closing of 125 years Jubilee of the Province of Pakistan

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