Do you feel attracted to be an SCJM?

If you consider becoming a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and May, some of the following might help:

Do you have an inclination to religious life in general?
Are you attracted to the ideal of following the person of Jesus Christ and live the gospel values? Do you have the desire to pray?
Do you feel within you a desire to do something to bring comfort to the poor and the less fortunate of this world?
Do you think you can live in a community with other women of same ideal, growing together in a life of prayer?
After going through our web page or having had the occasion to know something about our Congregation through other means, does something about our life and work attract you?

It your answer to one or more of the above questions is ‘yes’, please feel free to contact any of the following addresses:

Sr. Roshni Barla
Rue St. Bernard 25
1060 Brussels, Belgium
tel.: 00 32 / (0) 2 533 07 65
or 00 32 / (0) 2 533 07 60
fax: 00 32 / (0) 2 533 07 69

News Update

Professions and jubilees in Kimpese, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Clothing ceremony, first profession and silver jubilees in Mali

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