First Professions in Ranchi - 3rd July 2021

Perpetual Profession - Region Our Lady of Lavang, Vietnam


SCJM in Ranchi help bring solace to Migrants

May 2020

The Ranchi Catholic Church has been providing shelter to thousands of migrants on the move due to the uncertainties created by the COVID 19 lockdown that has lasted over two months now. The SCJM Sisters run the St. Joseph’s School shelter in Hulhundu, Ranchi. They are assisted by the Ranchi Archdiocesan Seminarians. Nearly five hundred migrants have been cared for and being provided with everything ranging from a safe roof, healthy shelter, Mats, bedsheets, towels, three full meals a day, a steel plate and glass and spiritual and psychological care. Often they have walked a number of kilometres or travelled long distances by train. They come sometimes in the day, often in the wee hours of the morning. Helpless, jobless, peniless and tired, they are comforted, consoled and helped to find a new temporary home till they move ahead.

Golden Jubilee celebration - Nirmala College, Ranchi, India


Profession in Vietnam


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First Profession in Vietnam

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